Sunday, August 22, 2010


MARKEL started the rap clash first calling himself ratchet and threatening to put him in a casket. He said that his battles are daily and said that nigga's know he hold a stack and that he is about that. He claimed that he would drop his opponent flat as a doormat and that he could send him to Baghdad. RUGA SHOOTA said that they claimed talks with a slow slur because the haze he smokes is the color purple. He said that his challenger is sweet and got sugar in his tank. He equated his opponent to Master P's brother and said he would put a part in his head and said he's never killing time. RUGA SHOOTA won this round of the rap cypher.

MARKEL started the rhyme battle claiming that he was back again and told RUGA SHOOTA that he better stop it. He claimed to be violent and silent when he comes through. He said that he is mental and didn't like free-styling with a pencil and said that he's still number 1. He really seemed to be just saying anything that came to mind. RUGA SHOOTA then went into rap next and told MARKEL not to try to act tough just because his home boys is with him. He said his gun would split his opposition and compared the guy's mouth to a wishing well. He compared his guns to homer simpson and said he would need CPR. RUGA SHOOTA obviously came more prepared to battle in this cypher.

In the third round of this competition MARKEL sounded like he said that RUGA SHOOTA wasn't even fake. He claimed that he doesn't stress and he claimed that his opposition was scared to rhyme against someone. He seemed to just be saying any thing in his verse some of the time, it was funny. He was going sick and said he'd punch him in his casket. RUGA SHOOTA started spitting his bars and talking about the guns he shoots. He claimed to be a grimy nigga who takes shot like ID pictures and threaten to leave his challenger motionless. I was feeling the way he put words together. He called his opponent cold garbage. RUGA SHOOTA won this round of the rap cypher as well.

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