Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: GhiftD vs Gottem

Gottem told GhiftD that he is a little man trying to up his fame and said that his opponent was similar to Young Gattas. He claimed ha he didn't know why his opponent battle raps when he doesn't say nothing good and has no swag. He compared the way he would leave his adversary to a Tampax and said he would leave his head cracked. He called his opposition road kill in the streets and a dead rat. He asked his opponent what he flipping and accused his mother of using drugs saying that's the reason he was born gifted. He called his opponent a peasant and told him to pay attention because class is in session. GhiftD started with no hesitation claiming an easy win on this rap battle and claimed that he told SONNY BAMBOO that. He told Gottem that he wasn't gangster and asked why pretend to be. He called him an autistic Real Deal mini me and said that he shouldn't have accepted the battle because it might mess up his views. He said that his challenger was better off up and avoiding him and got real syllabic when rapping. He said that his flow is lethal and he makes this look like a walk in the park and called his opponent a homo that be taking back shots. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap cypher Gottem started his verse and claimed he would leave GhiftD ate. and claimed that his adversary is fragile and claimed to be making him break. He claimed that he rolls with gangs and says that he does everything his opponent does ten times. He said that he'd flame his adversary like boiling grease. He swore that his opponent is a fake and a gimmick. He said that his rival would rob the toaster if it had bread in it and said his rims are big enough to stand in. He even compared his opposition to Asher Roth and said that everything about his adversary was cheap. GhiftD hopped right in where Gottem left off and said he'd run up on his oppositions turf and stomp his face with cleats on. He came in rapping about how he is getting money. He switched his slightly county accent to an Italian accent and talked about punching him in his jaw. He accused his adversary of being a laughing stalk. In my opinion GhiftD won this round of the rap cypher by a tad bit more.

In the third round of the MC Clash Gottem went in and seemed to be giving GhiftD a warning to stop it dog before he pops him. He told his adversary to stop preending to be real and called him fake like prosthetics. He claimed to have a swag that's worth a million and said that you can Google him. he even claimed to have taken advantage of his rival's girl friend. He seemed to be freestyle rhyming towards the end of this round of the rap battle. He told Grind Time he'd make his adversary crumble. GhiftD then went in to rap claiming it was time to get rid of Gottem and said that his opposition is pitiful. He compared his adversary to an alcoholics liver. He was a truly thorough lyricist saying a lot of hard hitting stuff to his adversary. he said that his opponent is always rapping about gun play when no one cares. He said got precised and thorough with calling his adversary fake. I was mad surprised when he started tripping on his verse and started to freestyle. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

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