Monday, August 23, 2010

Chicago Battlegrounds Vol. 4: Realt@lk vs Murda 1

Realt@lk started the rhyme battle trying to imply that him and Murda 1 are from the same place. He said that opponent talks real slow and called him self a nerd then his opponent a clown. He called his adversary DJ from Hustle and flow. It seemed that he was trying to say that his oppositions name was Terrance Howard. He said that his opponent has rabbit teeth and seemed to have messed up in his verse but he would've been straight if he would have just kept it going but couldn't seem to quite pull it off. Murda 1 went in to rhyme battle soon after dis respecting what Realt@lk stands for. He said that on the the block he grinds and treats I like a dance floor. He got real lyrical during his verse and told his opponent that he doesn't want a war. He said not to ever try to test him because he is the best and compared himself to Rosa Parks. He claimed to have new cars and called his opponent sweet. Murda 1 won this round of the match.

In the second round of the cypher Realt@lk went into the it talking about how Murda 1 spits a lot of tough talk. He said that he was gonna turn it up and compared him to the dude he was suppose to battle missing in action. He had a few deep metaphors and he told his opponent to go home and practice is speech. He called his opposition a grown ass midget. He even made fun of his adversary's sex life and claimed that his girl wasn't pleased and said that he'd beter off if he didn't come to the battle. Murda 1 went in and said that Realt@lk looks like a fake Kanye West. He claimed to be a young and cut and described himself in a syllabic fashion. His lyrical skills were ill he claimed that the whole town knows about him. His flow was thorough and he wasn't one dimensional in this round and his last punchline was quotable. Murda 1 won this round of the tournament was a tie.

In the third round of the lyrical cypher Realt@lk went in to rhyme and said he is the best is the best rapper in the entire state. He said that his brother told him to work hard and not to take short cuts. He said after the battle Murda 1 would be on his dick. He spent his verse trying to call his adversary stereotypical gimmick and then started to stumble on his verses. Murda 1 hen went in to ask why his adversary was so gassed and called his Realt@lk is trash. He was going sick and lasted pretty long in fact but he messed up. It was funny because I thought his slip up was just a part of the performance at first and sounded pretty slick. Realt@lk won this round of the rap clash was a tie in my opinion.

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