Friday, August 20, 2010

Street arena:(philly vs Lancaster) Shiest vs Remedy full battle

Shiest started the rap battle telling Shiest she could catch her with he banger on her and said she sticks her guns on dudes. She claimed to spit harder than average and called himself a savage. She said that nigga's need to fall back and said that she doesn't play with girls. This female M.C. said that she is not soft and that dudes know her well. She said that she loves Philly rappers but still listens to Lil wayne and implied that she would kidnap a nigga. Remedy then went in o rap and said that if Shiest get out of line she would let off a shot. She even had a reference to Jada and the movie set it off. She said that she has a foot long head and said she was the best chick and should have battled a nigga instead. She referred to her opponent as a lame chick . I like her flow that shit was smooth. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the second round of this rap battle she said Shiest could hit her on jack 101 and they can talk. She claims that she need the bread now and would run up in Remedy's pocket. She said that she is still in the hood where it ain't all good and said that banger stay close to her so she wishes a nigga would. She said that she could smell the bitch in her adversary and tell by the way she looks. She said that she would hang a nigga by his feet or put him underground and said that bitches need to step there game up immediate. She claimed not to be known for slacking and known for action. She ended calling her opposition a dummy. Remedy jumped into this round of the rap cypher saying that she was tired of lames. She said that her and her crew would rumble with no heat and said that she'd make Shiest fall. She said that her opposition isn't a real G she is phony. It seemed like she was fumbling on her bars that were probably written and rehearsed to T but they were still hot. That girl cold put rhymes together. She said guns go bang bang like pops. This round of the cypher was a tie.

In the third round Shiest started to rhyme about pulling a robbery on a dude and said for the bread she would hit a nigga up. She claimed to be the toughest woman n the earth and said that she bangs hard but is still pretty. She said she was horny after smoking an L and said that she was gonna ride on someone. She said that she has money on her mind like all the time. Remedy went into the rap cypher and claimed that she rhymes hard because it's a must. She said she would turn her adversary's brains into food. She claimed to be a beast and said you must heard about her. Her flow continued to be tight in the third round of this tournament. In my opinion Remedy won this round of the lyrical battle but i'm mad she got all brolic at the end.

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