Tuesday, August 17, 2010

AHAT Rap Battle: Kooly Bop vs Genie

Genie started this Hip Hop battle implying that with his name he probably likes man sex and had short jokes on Kooly Bop . He called his rival to a fake gangster who is real as movie prop and claimed to be a director. He accused his opponent of sending fans mail and not getting responds back. He proceeded to make short man jokes on him. Kooly Bop started his round calling Genie a rude boy. He compared his straps to seat belts and told his challenger to stop staring at him like he was some thing to eat. He said some one should tell his adversary to lay off the burgers and fries. He said that his adversary is a seven eleven clerk and compared his neck rolls to 18 egg rolls. He even brought up his match with straight paper. This round of the rhyme battle was too hard to tell I'd say that it was a tie.

In the second round of the cypher Genie went in and told Kooly Bop to say something else about his breasts. He hit back with small jokes about his opposition fitting under a door. He said that his adversary was light enough to wrestle with ants and called him a tamed kitten. He tried to call his opponent a lame that goes down on girls instead of them going down on him. Kooly Bop started this round of the punchline cypher comparing Genie to his meal and told him to tell the truth and keep it real. He asked O.D. if he found his opponent ordering apple pies at the drive through. He made Nutty Professor jokes on his opposition. He spit that he was calling his opponents bluff since he was acting tough. The last thing he told his adversary was to keep it real because he just needs to exercise. This round of the rap competition was a tie in my opinion.


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