Monday, August 23, 2010


GUTTA REDZ started the rap battle first and questioned LIL NAY as far as seriousness and seemed to be implying that he acts lie a bitch on they period. He claimed that hates to hear cats swear that they are the best when there bars aren't to good and questioned his opponents shooting skills due to his cross eyed vision. He claimed to have his girl in the bath room getting head and accused him of learning to cross th streets on his own. LIL NAY then went into the cypher. He claimed that Youtube battle rap nigga's are scared of him with a hype delivery and said he would take a gun and shoot GUTTA REDZ then start shooting at Shaka Pitts. He brought up his match with Big K and said that if this one gets judged he would shoot up the whole event then mentioned Lil D. A good amount of what he said was freestyle I would say. He told his challenger to stand up if he wants war and started to tell a story about what he'd do to him. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of this emcee tournament GUTTA REDZ claimed he wasn't gonna waste his time on LIL NAY and said he was gonna try to save his energy for when he walks through his hood. He said that his opposition can't beat him and he better squat and said that his shots would leave his head spinning. He said that saying his adversary is the best is like giving a blind nigga glasses when you know that he can't see. He said that he hopes his rival gets fatally shot and would get shot dis respected at his at his funeral. He accused his opponent of naming his team after him. LIL NAY then went in to rhyme and asked GUTTA REDZ if he had problem. He said that his opponent could bring the whole Grind Time trying to imply that he'd chew them up and there is no doubt in my mind that he would eat a lot of them. He called himself a Baltimore Free Mason's. He spit about if his challenger came to his hood. He ended by calling him self he leader in Baltimore. This round of the tournament was a tie.

In the third round of this rhyme battle GUTTA REDZ started off by saying he would put LIL NAY high enough in the sky to be with Aladdin and a magic carpet. He claimed that he wasn't gonna compete against his adversary but people were bugging him and talking junk and compared him self to a pack of Orbit. He called his opposition a fly and brought up his match against Big K. He claimed hat in that battle his opponent had hotter bars. He said that he should squeeze his opponents lemon until juice comes out and implied that he would knock one of his teeth out. LIL NAY then started his rap verse next mentioning GUTTA REDZ and Apex talking on the phone. He told a story about kidnapping and said he had his chopper on auto start. He compared his opponent to Nemo and himself to Jaws. He said that when he looks at his opposition he see's food and seemed to have mentioned Shaka Pitts. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

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