Friday, August 27, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: PT vs Stareater

PT went in to this cypher starting it off wishing Stareater would get ran over by a car and wished horrible things on his father. He claimed that cocks it and use's it and claimed he would leave his mother dead when he cocks and shoots it. He said that he's like the part on top of a human and claims that he's ahead. He said that before Grind Time he was seven times platinum on Myspace and with no friends. He claimed that he planned to leave him dead when he steps in the room and drop pepper seeds on his head. He accused his adversary of rocking a purse. He said to him his nick name is star. Stareater went into this rhyme battle and asked PT a question. He accused his adversary of having the complexion of soy sauce that was funny and accused him of committing robberies butt ass naked. He said that his adversary's cunt tastes like tuna fish and asked him what he was talking gangster for. He compared his challenger to Surgeon General and seemed to have more to say until they called time on him. Stareater won this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle PT claimed that he could do his style better than Stareater could. He seemed to be trying to imply hat his adversary is incapable of getting women. He claimed that makes it easier for him to use a bomb on him and separate him. He said that he would give his adversary more shots than 12 record labels. He accused his adversary of trying to make him get hot and snatch up his wrist watch then stab him and stab him in his scrotum. He accused his opponent of wearing speedo's and said that he sounds like a retarded Caucasian and said he would hit his adversary with a silicone. He said that his opposition wouldn't start a fight and called him a bitch alone. He said that he'd shoot him and wipe the floor with his mop head. He said that if he ever says he'd sleep with a gun he'd lie with the long nose like Pinocchio. Stareater started his verse and asked the crowd if PT was the competition they gave him. He told him he wanted him to pay him back the money he donated to Haiti. He said he would stomp him out with his new shoes if he didn't answer quickly and said with violence he is never negligent and said he would upper cut his opponent then shoot him. He said that the only thing his adversary ever did in a rhyming session was a whack Tiger Tye impression. He said this adversary looks like one of the many stages of evolution. He accused his adversary of looking like he has bad breath. He ended his verse trying to call his opponent a drug addict. Stareater won this round of the freestyle battle.

In the third round of the cypher PT went saying that his girl would beat Stareater's ass and called him ugly. He said his opponent would never make a deal and compared him to The Rugrats and compared himself to Justin. He told his adversary that he'd never make a million and called his opponent a rug rat. He called his opposition a wacky geek who would never be as black as him. He compared him to astrology and sun rise. Stareater went in to freestyle rap and seemed to be trying to calling PT's girl Ghastly from Pokemon and said that he won a battle in florida and said that Fresco would've offered to feed him for five cents a day if he would've lost with a smile on his face. He began to talk fat jokes about his adversary's girl and told him he should go back to the first boat to Africa. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of the freestyle cypher Stareater asked PT why he was acting tough and claimed to love ultra violence. He claims that he could be caught carving his mark in ass of his opponents mother. He accused his adversary of looking like a starving artist and he claimed he was gonna win. He asked his adversary what country is from and said that his girl looks like a frog character. PT said that Stareater sounds like a dis-configured Mr Rogers. He claimed that the freestyle was off the top of the dome and not writing. He told his opposition to always remember to take a shit twice. He claimed to be mean enough to be put inside a math problem and said if he catches him with an injured arm he's knocking the cast off him. He called his opponent an amateur. PT won this round of the rap battle body bag.

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