Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Ivan Da Great vs Mister Sell (Tryout Battle)

Ivan Da Great started the rap battle first saying he would've battled anybody just to get cash and called Mister Sell a nerdy white dude. He claimed that he can't believe the guy came and called him dumb. He called his adversary a real liar and a lit match. He claimed to be the real fire and claimed that the only way he's getting chewed. He said the only way he's getting chewed is by a real tiger and told him he would spit about 106 park if he wants to. He said that his opponents girl be cheating on him and compared him to a mime voice. Ivan Da Great said that he makes everyone on his Mister Sell click look whack and also said his mix tape was whack and and said that he was cheating with his girl and his mistress. He said that he would take the guys whip and keep it. He claims o run shit like a foot race and said he wold let him think that he's winning just to pass him on the last lap. He said that he knows that sometimes he forgets that he's a lame. He ended with a thorough flow and claimed to spit bars like bullets. Mister Sell went up to rap next and defend himself against it seemed like he was telling a story and seemed to be implying that Ivan Da Great is his son and tried to call him homo. He said that he would stab his adversary to death and leave his mother touched by an AK. He called himself ruthless. He said that he was given 3 rounds to win against his adversary an called him a wannabe millionaire and called him a homo sexual. He ended his verse blaming not to drop N bombs at the ends. Ivan Da Great won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher Ivan Da Great went up to rap next calling Mister Sell a snitch ass cracker and accused him of fucking with 5 O. He said that he would chase his oppoent and smother him in Freeways beard and said he be messing with his girl and he said he be beating his chick from the back. He said his opponent can't see him like a spirit in the after life and claimed not to be the average rhymer that he was rhyming with. He called his opponent whack and said he should have been nurtured. Ivan Da Great thinks Mister Sell is a pedophile and I hope that wasn't his daughter in the background holding up that sign be cause he claimed he would slap her. He called his opposition an infidel and said if he gets locked up he ain't getting bail or visits. He said he would throw his opponent in the ocean to get ate by a killer whale. He called his adversary his most fake opponent and said that shit is real. Mister Sell then went in to spit his rap verse and said Ivan Da Great is in the street making bread then why does his bank account always stay in the red. His lyrical skills were thorough and he seemed to be telling a story about scattering his oppositions body parts. He said that he spits so much fire that his setting up a flame and called his challenger a bitch while he claims to be a beast. Mister Sell said that he'd have him hooked to the first two letters of his name and said when threatened to choke Ivan Da Great out and said that he would never get free. He messed up all of a sudden which is really no good and the foul part about it was that he was on the losing side already but that dropped him further. He ended by telling his opponent to give him his style back. Ivan Da Great won this round of the rap clash in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Ivan Da Great called out other battle rappers to rap against him and said that Mister Sell was Star Wars geek with a fitted on. He called his adversary an Iron Solomon wannabe that spits it wrong and started getting on his adversary's mother. He claimed to get his rival mad when he speaks his words and claimed that his white home boy has sex with his momma squeezing her curves and tried to claim that his daughter wasn't really his. Ivan Da Great said that Mister Sell's girl sucks his dick in her vehicle and called him a lame who's breath stinks. He said he would kill his adversary and put his body parts in different car trunks. He claimed that he always spits metaphors and got a sick delivery. Mister Sell went into the battle asking Ivan Da Great if he was born on Halloween an said that it explains why after 106 and park his rival was a ghost for a bit. He claimed that his oppositions girl came to his house with no clothes on and claimed that his adversary got pissed and said he would slap him. He claimed to have a right hook that would leave his opponent on the ground and in pain. He said that his challenger would give him a leg drop off the top rope and said that. He claimed that his daughter would beat his opposition sons ass. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the fourth round of the rap clash Mister Sell claimed that he was spitting a freestyle because he didn't prepare for an overtime round and claimed that the thrown is his. He gave Ivan Da Great props and told him that he wasn't touching him and compared him to Nickel bags. He accused his challenger of doing homo porn and said that he looks like a grizzly bear and Obama. He compared his adversary to boys to men and him self to poison pen. I liked his flow it was smooth to be freestyle rapping. Ivan Da Great then went into rhyme next and called Mister Sell whack and claimed that he doesn't feel remorse when he raps. He called his opponent a lame and said that he isn't getting in the game then called him a fagot hater. He told him to stop faking like he is hard and told him that he isn't getting money from the white like a black waiter. He said in his hood snitching isn't condoned and claimed his adversary was only hot for one verse. Ivan Da Great won this round of the hip hop battle.

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