Saturday, August 21, 2010

| BLOCKCITY ROUND 2 BATTLES | :Buddy VS Cannon Jones R1

Cannon Jones started the rap battle first and claimed thinks people think Massacre when they hear them rhyme. He compared his rap bars to Avatar. He told Buddy to have a fascination for assassination and said from now on to call him destruction Jones. He claimed to not need a recking ball because he does damage and said he would do wrestling moves on his. He threatened to pound on his opponent for swinging and said he's at the point where he is needing better competition. This rapper definitely had a slip up on his verse. He called his rival a moose and accused her of tea bagging and claimed that he doesn't have to rhyme about guns since his adversary is a pussy. He said he would slide with his oppositions girl. Buddy went in to rap next and said Cannon Jones better match him bar for bar. He claimed to have first met his opponent in college. He seemed to be implying that he spoke to the same girl as his opponent and even though he didn't screw her thinks that he got farther with her than his challenger. He compared the girls he messes with to a vault and he talked mad jun about his opponents girl and tried to imply that she was probably a groupie hoe. He said that he wold put a whole in Cannon Jones and got lyrical. Buddy bragged about the drugs he sells and talked junk about his family tree. He bragged about expensive stuff as well. He claimed that his ride is on dubs windows tinted. In my opinion Buddy won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the Second round of this rapping battle Canon Jones started off by saying to off your head name a nigga that's a fan of Buddy. He claimed that his flow was mammal proof. He threatened to do a wrestling move on his opposition. He called his opponent a PlayStation character. He referred to his whole crew being a pack of huskies and said compared his opponent to Johny Gill. He wished foul things on his rap competitor during this round of the cypher. He said he bite like a crocodile and told him to pick his head up if he needs money. He spoke about his weed and his chopper. He stepped up his lyrical verse but I'm mad that he slipped up though. Buddy went in to spit and said the next time that happens you'll see a person with no limns flip. He called Cannon Jones bars hard and said they be mean then told him to stop lying. He said that he be through adversary's window like brother man and compared himself to brother man. He said that he would take his oppositions girl and rock her boat then sink her ship. He asked his opposition what he was standing in front of him for. He said that he was what he was and seemed to be mocking the cat in the hat. He called him self cool and described how much. He even made height jokes on his opposition. He compared his guns to Pops from the Way-ans brothers. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

Canon Jones went in and claimed not to wanna hear about Buddy blasting heat and called him a geek ass nigga and a screech ass nigga. He said something about fighting his rival claiming he probably never been in a fight. He compared his adversary to Spider man and said something about beating him down with a steel chair. He said something about applying pressure like a pit and said to beat him you need two of Santa's rain deer. He old him not o reproduce and accused him of having a gaining his rep from being a failure. He ended bragging about his women and comparing them to his opponents. Buddy then went in and started spitting his rap verse comparing Canon Jones to alphabet letters. He claimed to have Transformer armor and a thick girl that looks like Madonna that cooks a mean lasagna. He began making more height jokes and he brought up hat he was from the south ward. He said that he be chewing nigga's. He talked crap about his adversary's girl as well and said that he lot to LottaZay. He said that his opponent went on WHEN ANIMALZ ATTACK and ended saying that he was so Newark. Buddy won this round of the rap cypher

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