Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chicago Battlegrounds & Grind Time Now Present: Suave Da Lyricist vs K Reed

Suave Da Lyricist went into the cypher claiming that at the end it's him and said that he's showing K Reed the epitome of victory. He claims that he turns down deals from the industry and said that he would dis his opponent but he didn't have the energy. He tried to call his adversary a snitch that pulls the walkie talkies out when he sees him. He claimed that he was nice and his adversary doesn't wanna rhyme against him. He claimed to be authentic awhile his adversary lives a fake life. Suave Da Lyricist called himself all business and called himself a one man cast then said that K Reed was lying. He compared his adversary to wine candy and said that he took a trip to the D and couldn't find his adversary. He accused his adversary of not coming up in the struggle and living a good life and claimed he could have his adversary robbed with one phone call. He seemed to have paid homage at the end of him spitting his bar. The rapper known as K Reed started to rhyme soon after saying that he was setting up battles a few months ago doing some planning and said that the only people he would battle from Chicago is Big T or Big Kannon. He said that Suave Da Lyricist is fake with punchlines that ain't even worth standing and said that his height is smaller than his width. He said that he took the match because he get accused of biting rhymes. He claimed to be teaching a lesson and called himself one of a kind. K Reed warned his opponent of having an argument with him and said he would run up on his challenger wearing all black. He also made fat joke about his opponent and described him with numbers. He accused his adversary of being bad with women and made fun of his teeth and told somebody to pray for his opponent from the Windy city doesn't get blown away. K Reed won this round of the rap battle because he had the harder hitting punchlines.

In the second round of this rap cypher Suave Da Lyricist went in to spit against K Reed claiming that cats no the deal. He said that he was about to get it cracking and he said that his adversary was lying in his raps and ain't holding steel. He said that goes hard even though he doesn't want a deal. He called himself Mike Tyson on the mic and claims hat he holds the crown. He said that if he's featured on a song it's murder and called himself the ill-est unheard of. Suave Da Lyricist accused people like K Reed of acting like broads with expensive shoes and said that if his opponent gets offended by his words then he should do something. He said that he is a simple man who doesn't demand much but said that he could crush anything that his hands could clutch. He then started to fumble in his rhymes. He said something about hitting hids adversary in the mouth and leaving him with a tootheless swag at the end. The crowd paid homage to Big Pooh then K Reed went in to spit his bars and basically compared Suave Da Lyricist saying he could beat him. He said that he could fit all the clothes she see's in the store and called him a fat ass that can get full off of eating. He tried to call his opposition a over eater with an endless appetite. He called himself the son of sam and said that his opponent was fake and said accused him of not catching bodies on his gun. He was chopping down his adversary with the his fat man jokes. He compared himself to famous boxers and told Suave Da Lyricist if what he spits is considered bars he should have a liquor license. K Reed won this round of the rap cypher by just a little more in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap cypher Suave Da Lyricist started his verse taling about having a scope on his pistol. he seemed to be telling K Reed to be easy and said to call 911 and arrest him. He claimed to e accelerating at a fast speed and said that Big Kanon said that patience is a virtue He claimed that he would have his opponent talking like a nerd. He said that he didn't have to curse at dude and warned him hat he would send mad dudes around his mothers house. Suave Da Lyricist claimed that he would show K Reed what the drama is about. He proclaimed that it was war and not fun then said it was more to come. He said that it was past beef and called his oppositions last verse whack. He claimed not to be cocky and said he was about to redesign rap. K Reed went in to the MC clash calling Suave Da Lyricist a fag and said let me tell you what he's about. He claims to pop clips and have flashy stuff. He told his challenger to stop acting like he is tougher than bamboo. He claimed that his opposition is a punk that got his name from hair and skin products. He cursed at his adversary and accused him of wasting valuable seconds. He called his adversary Precious and asked him about who would believe he holds weapons. He said a surgical procedure is the last time his adversary had something by the stomach tucked. He told his Suave Da Lyricist that he is messing up and spit about where he was from. He mentioned Motown, young miles, x, Marv One, Quest, and tricks. He said his guns weren't a premature baby. K Reed won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion.

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