Friday, August 20, 2010


In the first round of the rhyme battle YUNG ED claimed that some one has to feel him and said SMOOTH BLACK better set a different path. He said some thing about a grown man and an infant. He claimed to be gifted and said something that had to do with baseball and pitching. He called his adversary a rookie and said some thing about jazz music. He said thirty days wasn't nothing and claimed to have respect for miles. He said that hood life is the one that pays him then said he would leave him like some old lady that's waling around the park then asked is that fair? SMOOTH BLACK called YUNG ED small time and said that he himself has been big. He said that he hopes his challenger brought ton of hype men with him like mckims did and claimed that he wouldn't go crazy on him he would just son him lyrically. He told his adversary that this is real rap out here little nigga go in the house. He said that he would slang his oppositions girl wood. He even used HOLLOW DA DON's name in his metaphor if you listen closely. He said his adversary will remain whack. SMOOTH BLACK won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the second round of the competition YUNG ED and said that everyone claimed that this match isn't fair. He accused SMOOTH BLACK of running on his family and said that he never cries and said that his opponents whack. He said that he would bet his opponent up and slide him on the ground and said he would really be Smooth black. I he told everyone to hide the women and the children and said that he was killing. He said that he never be acting and that he'd smash his adversary in like a mattress. He said that he rather he rather beat up his opposition and compared his flow and bars to pizza mn and yo I must say his delivery is entertaining the type to hype you up when you are watching and kind of funny. He ended by saying that he was too sick. SMOOTH BLACK then went in and started rapping calling YUNG ED a dick head. He said that his opponent's girl smells like a yeast infection and accused him crying after seeing Toy Story 3. He said that his adversary's looks like a flunky. He claimed that his adversary looked like a drug user and was messing up then came back in and said some funny raps. He called his opponent a fag at the end. YUNG ED won this round of the rap clash based on consistency in my opinion since SMOOTH BLACK had that slip up that didn't give it to him.

In the third round of the cypher YUNG ED said that they say he's never getting shitted on. He referred to SMOOTH BLACK as being a dick head and said that he should have paid attention. He called his opponent a grand slam out the park as if he was easy. He is going sick into this round and said he screwed his adversary's girl. He called his opponent a bitch and claimed he speaks from the heart. He claimed to get respected for a million miles. He said that he doesn't have to beat behind the bush he'd make it clear. SMOOTH BLACK said that if YUNG ED didn't do his research and accused him of playing butt naked twister with other men. He hit hard with those deep metaphors of his. He told him to bring money and called him a judge that would sentence him to a life as an unknown rapper. He said that his adversary lie and has no pies to flip. This round of the rap cypher was a tie.

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