Wednesday, August 18, 2010

AHAT Rap Battles: Artisan vs Illegal

Illegal started this rhyme battle claiming that the judges keep robbing him and asked Artisan if he wanted to face a real MC. He claimed that he would beat his opponents ass all the way to Cincinatti and said that if he forgot his verse he'd still lose. He even ended talking junk about his rivals girl. Artisan then went in to rap and said that in his hood they don't even slap box. He compare his Illegal's flow to pooh and said that he was weak. He metaphorically brought up 50 cent, Lil Wayne, and Lil Flip. He ended by claiming his challenger's girlfriend sips urine. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of this hip hop competition Illegal started off by implying that he rather stick scissors in his ears than to listen to Artisan rap. He claimed to have a phobia for toes and compared himself to a serial killer. He claimed to have been killing bars for a long time and seemed to be implying that here is no reason for third round when he beat him in two. Artisan started by saying that he'll grab a chick and hit the whole he's Barry. He claimed that he must be the hottest dude spitting and equated his team to Ray Charles. He said that his guns would leave Illegal's chest like a V neck. He called his opponent and his crew nerds then compared him self to Soulja Boy. He equated his challenger to John Q's son and spit a clever punchline about Halloween. This round of the tournament was also a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap cypher Illegal started off going hard talking about how he spends money and continued to talk junk about how he messes with Artisan's girl. He called his adversary's flow science fiction and asked why they sent a pussy cat to slap box with a grizzly bear. Artisan went in to this round claiming that he was the best and said that Illegal isn't a threat. He told his adversary isn't shooting any chrome and said he would leave his opponents brains on the wall like studio foam. He was pretty lyrical during this round of this rhyme tournament and said compared his kids to Nas and D.M.X.. He compared his the two teams colliding like fleas ticks. This round of the match was a tie.

In the fourth round of the of the tournament Illegal went in asking Artisan if he was serious. He said that he would drop fist's on his adversary and said that somebody is talking and taking bribes. He said that he would screw his opponents granny in the mouth and said he would stomp him with Nike Air's. He talked crap about his challenger's teeth as well. Artisan went in this round and talked junk about when Illegal's album drops. He claimed that his nigga's trap on the block with cocaine. He seemed to ce calling his opposition a curly fry when it's crunch time. This round of the MC Cypher was a tie in my opinion as well.

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