Monday, August 23, 2010


LIL D started the rhyme battle with no hesitation telling APEX that this battle wasn't too smart for his career. He implied that if he goes broke he would get his ski mask ready and show up at his opponents door. He told his opponent to blame Shaka Pitts for setting up this cypher and told a towards the beginning of the verse. He was pretty lyrical and his delivery was hard and swore that this was a joke. APEX then went in and claimed people listen him because he's easy to smash and supposedly he lyrically gets in that ass. He tried to imply that LIL D can't please a woman. He seemed to be implying that he would dis his opponent with his own style and seemed to have compared himself to an anaconda. He claimed that his challenger would need an army with eighty guns just to leave and threatened to beat him and his little brothers ass. This round of the rhyme clash was a tie in my opinion.

LIL D started his verse in this second round saying let me stop playing with him and claimed he would show APEX why he's one of the best in his city. He called himself a chief and claimed to have guns on him. He said that his back is buff and said he would go to his adversary's daughter's party then spit about shooting her. He claimed that he doesn't leave evidence. He said his rivals team are comedians and kings of Comedy. APEX seemed to have started his verse implying that his opponent was all deliveries and no bars and said game over. He said that his challenger wasn't man enough to rhyme with him. He said his flow retires fiends. Theis round of the tournament was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap cypher APEX seemed to have started off this round of the lyrical cypher and he had a ton of references to animals and claimed to be a bear while LIL D was no more than a pit bull.He said he was about to put the beef to death and implied that he would kill his rivals whole family tree. He even had personal raps about his opponent's anatomy then he supposedly messed up. LIL D went in to the cypher spitting about how he is tired of soft ass men battling him. He told APEX he was looking at a real nigga and spit how he was hustling and shooting cats. He compared himself to Jimmy Neutron. He wished bad things on his challenger's fans. LIL D won this round of the rap cypher by just a little more than his opponent not that much but a little something.

In the fourth round of this one on one battle APEX went in claiming to scrap it out with anybody and didn't seem to care how much LIL D weighs. He claimed to have a one hitter quitter and claims to have three way sex. He said he would pull out his guns and leave his opposition screaming. He spit about shooting cops and blocks as his ending. LIL D then started rapping and said there is always another emcee that thinks they can match up to him but he made it clear that it wasn't happening. He claimed to have twelve round to shoot through his opponent and there team and claimed he would run a jukes on them. He claimed to have dudes in Oklahoma that would gun down his opponent well. LIL D took this round of the lyrical punchline battle by a little more I would say.

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