Friday, August 20, 2010


BG went first in this rap clash and said that he's tired of nigga's coming in his way with the lame. talk. He called GAGE a bitch ass nigga and claimed to be flipping raw. He claimed that his adversary only held a ratchet when he was fixing his bike and warned him about making a false move. He said that his opponent basically doesn't freestyle then accused him of rehearsing. He said that his rival is not signing material then claimed he doesn't worry he just sits and smiles. He said that his bitches say he spits in style. BG told GAGE to call him BG in the HOOD but in his office call him Mr.Brown. He told his opposition that he doesn't know anything about busting off shots and proceeded to inquire about him being a snitch. He claimed to be high ranking in New Haven and said he would show them he definition of discipline. He even mentioned Sweden and Michigan. He called his opponent a Jersey ass nigga and compared him to Joe Budden. BG called GAGE a bum and said Tone B and The Reapers talked him into this cypher. He claims that he should have charged his adversary for this cypher. He said that he would talk to his rivals girl and said that light skinned nigga's been out of style. GAGE then went in to rhyme his verse and said that BG blogged on him. He called his opponent an ass hole and said pop asked him to battle him. He spit about pulling out a magnum and brought up the ville. He called himself a pitbull mixed with a beast He claimed rap is his job but his opponent is trying to get an application for an interview and compared himself to tech nine when he battled T Rex. He said his challenger wouldn't want beef at a burger king drive thou but the only thing that was hot about that punchline was his delivery. GAGE accused his adversary of feeling up on manikins for sexual arousal and told a story. He claimed that he disrespects fat people and brought up movie lines. He was talking junk about his opponents girl and he even bought up Hollow Da Don and Big T. He made crazy fat jokes towards the end of his verse. GAGE won this round of the rap clash because he spit more bars I can't really say he killed him because they seem like an equal match his challenger just has less battles under his belt that people know about.

BG then went into rap for round two of this cypher he told GAGE that every bar he spits weak and said that he's on the block pitching dimes. He said that his metaphors would break his opponents bones and said to look at his face then said he looked more Serious then Jones. He said that he was laying L's on his girls stove and seemed to be comparing himself to May Weather. He told every one his GAGE's real name is Lamar Swint and said that he's feeling like Notorious Big because they are trying to get him for his paper. BG said that the streets don't give his opposition love and said he has a bitch named Nina. He asked why his opponent is acting out and He said he would shoot the captain of his adversary's team out. He spoke about his penis as if it was a foot long and sad that it stay between two cheeks. He said that he be in the mirror getting his waves right and said he seen J dice at a gay club with some tight jeans on. He even called out Tone b and ended his verse by calling himself The Great. GAGE then went in to spit and said his opponent is silly if he thinks he's gonna win this cypher. He accused his opposition of kissing Clint Gee under the missile toe. He said that BG stands for been gay and said that he caught his challenger slipping the other day at Hometown Buffet. He tried to imply that his opposition was a straight up homo and claimed that he was rhyming against him for no reason and implied that his rival needed to exercise. GAGE called his whole crew heavy weights and said that his adversary is beneath him. He even brought stage props to the match as well and said that he would hit him with a club and make him strip like the cat walk. He had a funny ass performance. He claimed that it was pointless to battle unless you battle nigga's in his crew. He compared his opponent to a lollipop as well and said girls don't like his adversary because he looks like Precious. GAGE won this round of the rhyme battle.

In the third round of the rap clash BG went in and started to spit and claimed that rap was easy and it's nothing to spit bars. He claimed to get money and said screw stunting in a sporty car. He said that his adversary would be a wrap when he shoots and compared his bullets to rain drops. He said that his flow is vicious and claims to roll with a lot of boys and described his chrome as being shaped like dinosaur bones. He called his opponent and his crew soft and compared himself to a wisdom tooth. BG said that he doesn't smoke any more but seemed be implying that he drinks goose. He claimed to ride reckless and have road rage. He even brought up his adversary's brother who is doing life for shooting a young girl and seemed to be implying that either J Dice or GAGE got robbed and they made him strip and run home. He said that battling him was a bad decision. When the rapper known as GAGE started to flow he addressed Mel Gees for supposedly making a dis track then he got back to rhyming. He threatened to back hand his adversary and tried to call him a dirty nigga. He said that his opponent working at the super market making next to nothing. He even made fun of his adversary's fashion sense and he had a thorough performance. He compared his punches to Jim Carry when he pus the mask on and claimed that he's been fresh since a baby. GAGE won this round of the rap battle with out a doubt.

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