Sunday, August 29, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Analyrical vs Special T

Analyrical started the rap cypher trying to imply his Special T looked like the Disc Jockey from 90210 and accused him of eating rotten peas. he said he would Jet-lee his opponent back to his depressed teens and accused him of wearing Guess Jeans. He told his adversary that he can't spit raps and accused him of having a chin strap. He accused his opposition of getting whipped in Gym class and said he would round house him. He accused his rival of being from the home of The Packers but can't pack a venue and said he's from the Home of the bucks then asked him why he doesn't make any. Special T went into the next round to rhyme and said he was a betting man. He told Analyrical to do what he's good at and just hug a tree. He called his challenger a hippie bitch and he's the north divisions most shittiest dude. He asked him is he really this shitty at life and claimed that his adversary fronts like he has swagger and accused him of driving a Smokey Sedan. Special T won the first round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the lyrical clash Analyrical went in to rhyme with no hesitation and accused Special T of being all over Minnesota's dick. He asked her opposition if he thought he was flowing hard and said that he was so in charge. He called his adversary a retard and said he had hopes the guy gets T boned. He compared himself to Michael Jordan from free throw range. He compared himself to famous basketball players and made Wisconsin jokes. He said that his opposition is the type of guy that scrapes for days. Special T started his verse saying that Analyrical is not a real rapper and he is an actor. He called his opponent Kevin and says in Minnesota you can't find him love. He said that he would go to any division to battle anyone and claimed that he was fearless. He said that his rival sucks ass but is not a bottom feeder. Analyrical won this round of the lyrical cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the lyrical cypher Analyrical went into this round claiming that he went to Special T's Myspace page, He tried to claim that his adversary snorts up a lot of cocaine. He said that if his rapping in his genetics the gene is recessive and accused his adversary of having estrogen. He said that his rival has sword fights with men. Special T went into the rap clash next and called him a poor chump. He said that his Analyrical music would never sell in stores. He said he would stun his adversary with three sixteens and asked him what he has been smoking and tried to say that he can't freestyle. He finished off his verse cursing at his adversary. This round of the tournament was a tie in my opinion.

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