Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tko Vs King Ryma

Tko made fun of King Ryma's name and said it sounded like a big vagina. He implied that he could fit inside his opponents stomach side ways and said that his fat opponent isn't a baller. He said that his rivals rap career is ending and had Samoan jokes. King Ryma went in to spit next and claimed he asked for Clay D then said he asked for TKO. He said that he got some written raps prepared for him but he had to postpone the battle the first time because he couldn't take off from his job. He said that his opponent lot in his rap match against Clay D. He told his challenger that he didn't know what was going on and claimed that he was gonna drop bombs on him. He then started to freestyle and accused him of being in someones shadow. Tko won this round of the match in my opinion.

Tko started the second round of the tournament confronting what King Ryma said about him being in the shadows. He said that the two of them bet money on this cypher and said that his opponents eye tattoos don't mean anything. He called his opposition a bitch then asked the crowd if they waned cool aid. King Ryma went in on round of the cypher trying to expose where Tko is from. He then started running out of things to say and started walking back and fourth puzzled. You already know who won this round of the rhyme battle Tko but damn that's not a good way to lose money, too bad for King Ryma.

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