Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trigga Vs Rexy Wrecks

Trigga started the cypher cursing at Rexy Wrecks first and he almost seemed to be freestyle rapping maybe. Even so i can say that he definitely brought his A game. He started out saying that he was too heavy of a rhymer and you would need a spot to bench him. He said that his mission was to show him defeat and asked what made him think his opposition could stand in his shoes. He claimed to be more advanced than the man he was battling. He basically called his adversary a coward with feminine ways. He even had more bars to spit but the ref called time before he could finish. Rexy Wrecks went in to rap and seemed to be trying to accuse Trigga of naming himself after a fake gun. He definitely had to be spitting freestyle raps. He said something about pulling up in his baby mama's beamer and suffocating his challenger in a steamer. He said that this was what you call a free verse and said implied that he was just rhyming spontaneous with no research. He suddenly had a long pause then jumped back in and said look. Trigga won this round of the Hip Hop tournament without a doubt.

In the second round of this rhyme battle Trigga started with no hesitation and said his style is a limited addiction but I think he meant to say limited edition. He claimed to stay loyal to to the soil compared Rexy Wrecks style to his jump shot the fade away. He called his opponents face slanted eye and threatened to break his face. The last thing he gave his adversary was a middle finger which I thought was weak there was no need for it. Rexy Wrecks went up to rhyme next he told Trigga that he wasn't sick and suggested that he make an R&B group. He was a pretty good lyricist with a weak delivery. I was feeling his verse but it was just the way that he presented it. It sounded like he said something about punching his opponent in his four eyes but I couldn't hear because the crowd was loud and his voice was quiet. Trigga won this round of the rap cypher.

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