Sunday, August 15, 2010

Big Mox Vs Merk Majah

Merk Majah started this rap battle first saying he could kill Big Mox him with one line and compared this battle to lunch time. He claimed that he doesn't talk fast but his opponent just thinks slow then claimed he be getting money from chicken heads. He said he'd hit his rival opposition up so hard he'd leave him seeing stars and he even claimed that his bars could leave him in surgery. He talked about he shoots with precision. Big Mox jumped right into this cypher and you could tell that he was anxious when he jumped in, claiming that lunch time was his favorite class of the day. He threatened that if Merk Majah punched him it would break his hand. He told his challenger to stick to smoking Ice and claimed that he was hungry for flesh and I believe him. He claimed that he would give his opposition money to catch the bus home. Damn just about every punchline he spit was hard. Big Mox won this round of the Hip Hop battle.

Merk Majah hopped into this round of the tournament proclaiming how great he was and claimed that he stays with a banger. It seemed like he thing he was rapping about had less of a shock factor and maybe a bit commercial. He Super dad punchline was hot though. He claimed to be a boss and claimed that he would shoot a nigga's side off. Towards the end of his verse he spit verse and seemed o be saying anything. Big Mox said that he see's his opponent getting loud trying to do what he can and told somebody to inform Merk Majah he's he man. He reversed his challengers name and threatened to leave him like what his name suggests. He then showed how syllabic and lyrical he could get. His delivery and punchlines were truly outshining his adversary. He said that he made his mark and said that he would catch his black rival and beat him in the dark. Big Mox won this round of the Hip Hop tournament that's for sure.

Merk Majah called Big Mox a fat nigga and described eating regimen and what he orders off of his menu in the third round of this match. His delivery was mad aggressive getting in his opponent's face. I thought it was unnecessary personally because his bars were starting to not be so hot after the fast one he said. He seemed to have ran out of things to say and started freestyle rapping. Big Mox jumped in with his Eminem 8 mile tactic of making fun of himself in the beginning showing that he doesn't really care what you say about him which was pretty cool. His rhyme about pussy was hot but i'm kind of tired of the eat pussy lines that people be using Party Arty was the first and it was cool when he said it but I think that's played now. He said that his cousins would run on adversary and hurt him. He talked about his adversary's mother and ended smoothly. Merk Majah won this round of the rhyme battle by a little bit more.

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