Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Fendi vs J.O Spade

Fendi started the rap battle first calling J.O Spade lame and asked him why he got a perm then got it braided up then said Lady Lux. She said he looks like Drect's little nephew and called his grand ma a grouch. She seemed to be telling a story about how she was getting high. She said that he was in the crib eating Pork Rinds writing the hardest three lines of his life and compared his opponent to a Pepsi can. She called him a knock off Fabolous and Red Cafe. She said that his song only got 44 plays and half of those plays were by her when she was doing research. J.O Spade started his verse while the crowd was still being loud and compared Fendi to knock off handbag. He tried to imply that his challenger was in the process of getting a sex change and told her that she looks likes her father is Ellen Degeneres. He compared Fendi's shape to a truck tire. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the cypher Fendi tried to question J.O Spade intelligence. She tried to get on he opposition for his taste in Hip Hop music and mentioned him having Soulja boy listed as one of his favorites. She said that now she understands his concept of skill and trill, She even said something about comparing Scarface to King Of The Hill and Nicki Minaj to Lauren Hill. She tried to expose adversary her and call him a fake and told him in this league he'd never shine then had someone else end her verse for her. J.O Spade went into this cypher next trying to imply that his opponent turns men gay and then tried to say he rather shoot him self than to have sex with Fendi. He basically was calling her ugly and asked him if should be following in Young Gattas's shadow and accused her of giving oral sex just to get ahead. He accused her of putting on strap ons. In my opinion J.O Spadewon this round of the rhyme cypher.

In the third round of the one on one battle Fendi tried to say he shouldn't blame her he should blame QB and Mia Long and introduced her self saying that she is the first lady of Grind Time DMV. She compared his adversary to Blues clues then called his crew bitch boys and said her rival looks like cat stacks. She claimed he lost battles and he was talking junk about the mans girl as well. She accused her opponent of Cheddar Bobbing himself. J.O Spade went into this cypher immediately after to rap and he tried to call her a child molester. He said that she is mad that because she can't bust a nut on a girls face and said that she licks vagina after he nuts on it. He basically said that Fendi can't be trusted. In my opinion J.O Spade this round of the Hip Hop battle

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