Friday, August 6, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Nocando vs Anecdote

Nocando started to rap first saying he feels like a pimp and said that he could knock Anecdote off his feet with back hand. He claimed that he could make his opponent tap dance and accused his opponent of being a hooker. He accused his adversary of not knowing his father who is a drug addict and compared him to a video game character. He accused his opposition of having a mutated face and had multiple head jokes and he accused him of having him of having his head up his ass. He said that his rivals favorite east coast rapper is Head Ice. Anecdote said that Nocando is the whitest dude that they have seen and said he had some rhymes for Kid twist that apply to him equally. He compared his challenger of hiding like a police informant and realizing he'd never beat Thesaurus. He even managed to make fun of the music his adversary made and said they sounded like they were produced by Steven Haw-kin. He seemed to be trying to call his adversary a nerd and was rapping with a syllabic lyrical flow. He said his opposition would probably join the clan and said something about Los Angeles then said Magic Johnson has something in common. This round of the cypher was a tie because they both made valid statements and had skillful raps.

In the second round of this battle Nocando started out by saying that Anecdote is the type of guy that goes to the bar so he could buy the bar out and tried to call him a muscle head who freaks out about getting pumped up. He tried to make homo jokes about his opposition about his him as well and tried to imply that his girl like is a fan of his rap flow, he sounded like he was reciting poetry. He called his time too expensive for his opponents who he claimed was cheap. He started to freestyle and said his opposition was wearing Kid Twist pants. Anecdote started spitting next and countered saying that the jeans he was wearing really belonged to Nocando and he said that he got them after having sex with his wife. He claimed that his adversary proved he was a bitch and said that he liked kinky things to be done to him. He called his challenger a hardcore geek that has been homeless for the past four weeks. He accused his opponent of sleeping on a park bench and spit a freestyle rap for his ending. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion as well.

In the third round of the lyrical clash Nocando started out by making more muscle head jokes about Anecdote. He tried to imply that his opponent is trying to be a tough guy but doesn't have the heart it takes and said that he looks like a retarded ape. He called himself a diamond back while his opponent a garden snake. He said that his opponent has many different nicknames including armor face then compared his mother to the stock markets. He tried to get multi syllabic while describing his opposition girl and described how the girl likes to give head. He accused his opponent of going to glory holes in San Fransisco. He accused his rival of seeing the future in alternate dimensions which is something new that I've never really heard of but OK. Anecdote started off by saying that his opponent created a fantasy to escape the reality of him being raped at a very young tender age. He seemed to be accusing his opposition of being a suicidal wrist cutter and said that his daughter buys him mothers day gifts. He accused his opponent of making music for extra weird fans. He accused his challenger of getting beat by Dirtbag Dan. This round of the lyrical cypher was a tie and too close to chose in my opinion.

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