Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Real Deal vs 9DM

Real Deal started the rap battle copying 9DM's rhyme style He wished a ton of bad things in this cypher. First he started talking about the his opponents kids then he went on to talk about his mother, then his father and brother. He said that he brought the entourage like but he wasn't talking about the movie and made fun of his opponents weight. He called his opposition uncomfortable in his own skin. He called him self grimy said he would knock his own son out just to keep his opposition from doing it. 9DM started rapping immediately soon after and called Real Deal ugly then implied that his adversary lost to DNA. He said that his rival had a teaching job and needed his mother to baby sit. He tried to say that his opponents girl wore the pants in his last relationship and called himself reckless. He claimed that his challenger took a picture with a fake necklace and said his girl was so fat and ugly she could've been named Precious. He said that his opponent was unlucky the camera was working today. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the second round of this emcee battle Real Deal claimed to have got a text from from someone who had claimed 9DM was a fagot. He claimed that his opponent has a chin strap and said if Gin battled Dizaster with that it would be a Chinese Gin strap. He then proceeded to rap about where he is from compared that to where his opponent is from and claimed to have fingered his niece. He accused his opponent of running like a bitch. 9DM hopped right into this rap clash right after claiming Real Deal is a liar and said bitch please. He tried to imply that if his challenger was that he told Sahtyre that he gets kids ready for the big leagues and elaborated on what would happen if his opposition was a coach. He said Grind Time was made for the dope emcees and told him to take his wanna be coaching ass back to the sidelines where they are suppose to be and he asked his rival if he wanted to know how he got the info on him then said it was a secret. 9DM was all over the place he said he would catch Real Deal at the dentist and give him the two minute drill. He cleared up his name and told everyone that he isn't a thug and called his opponent ugly, he even made fun of his challenger hometown. This round of the rap battle was a tie.

In the third round of this Real Deal started out trying to imply 9DM is a pussy and accused him of saying dumb things. He shot out Illmaculate's name then said Cobra Ky and Mic Phenom make up an African American. He tried to ask him what does his name stand for and tried to imply that it sounds like a Star Wars protocol druid. He said that his opposition was good at making an illusion. He said that it's only fitting he's in Oakland and called himself a warrior vet. He said that he didn't come to the cypher to be bored to death and said he came here to tell Thesaurus he's next. 9DM started spitting his rap verse talking about what seemed to be Real Deal's history. He tried to imply that his opponent is a fagot some more and said that he's in debt with nothing but a degree. He seemed to be making fun of his opponent for being smart and was bragging about his 16 verses calling them classics. He also said Sahtyre was on the swim team and said that he didn't mention Fresco once. This round of the MC clash was a tie.

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