Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grind TIme Now presents: Detective Blacksmith vs J Walker

Detective Blacksmith started spitting his rap bars first and accused J Walker of being a cop. He said that his opponents mother would be more luck if she had a breast tumor form and called him officer Walker. He messed up on one of his rhymes as he was rhyming and continuously made cop jokes. He called his opposition a pig who spits sloppy trash and threatened to leave him in critical condition then ended with a slick cop joke. J Walker claimed that there never has ever has been a person with his challengers name who is black and he said that he has the worst gap. He said that he never heard of a name as gay as Detective Blacksmith and said that Ace Ventura gets more women than him. He said that his opponent works at Kelly Moore's Pin store. He told him to stop acting so masculine and said that no one goes down hill faster than his adversary. This seemed to be an equally matched battle judging on the first round and I would say that it was a tie.

In the second round of the rapping battle Detective Blacksmith started off saying that he heard his oppositions music and his advice for him was to fall back and asked who would ever give him a recording contract. He even seemed to be comparing him to Mortal Combat characters but I think his delivery wasn't the hottest. He tried to call his opponent a racist cop and said the only time the crowd puts they hands up is when his opponent puts them in hand cuffs. He even made fun of rivals taste in fashion and said he was a gringo. J Walker said he wasn't dissing the United States for military war reasons and compared his life to Detective Blacksmith. He was a super lyrical emcee. He said that when he looks in his challengers face he see's somebody who is poor and called him awkward. He claimed that he didn't respect his opposition as an artist since he was hiding from Tricky P. In my opinion J Walker won this round of rhyme battle.

In the third round of the rap cypher Detective Blacksmith tried to imply that he doesn't care about this battle. He claimed that this is a stupid match and said when he throws a show no one goes. He told his rival that he doesn't want beef and said he'd make him dis appear like the night crawler. He cursed at his opponents name and basically said screw him. He said he would throw his opponent in traffic and make him play frogger. J Walker thoroughly flipped his challengers last punchline on him and said called Detective Blacksmith the Cosby son that they for got to cast. he made comments about what albums he would make and tried to imply that he is a white person in disguise as a black person. He truly had versatility he even made fun of his adversary's height even though it's not an insult to be tall and ended with a momma jokes. This round of the emcee battle is a tie.

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