Thursday, August 5, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Syd Vicious vs G Souldier

Syd Vicious started the rap battle first and implied that nobodies seeing G Souldier because he has hardly any views and said that he got into this rhyme fight for his opponents head as a souvenir. He tried to say the highlight of his opponents career is battling him and he claimed to be sleeping with his wife. He compared his opponents girl to Nicki Minaj. He also called his opponent a queer who had apparently been rapping for 4 to 6 years and considered a low level MC. G Souldier was next up to rap making fat jokes about Syd Vicious off the bat and claimed that his opponent only did a few jumping jacks then go exhausted. He claimed that he didn't spit candy bars and said that when he writes you see a heat strokes. The best thing about this rapper was his delivery because he repeated himself a few times. He spit about his oppositions love life and even described his belly. Syd Vicious won this round of the battle by a tad bit more while G Souldier was repeating himself during a few of the verses everyone else may have been laughing but that doesn't mean repeating yourself isn't creative and doesn't impress me.

The second round of this rap cypher was started by who other then Syd Vicious telling G Souldier that his lyrics were mad funny and claimed that he overdosed. He told him that his angle was played out basically and tried to imply that just because he hypes his rhymes up doesn't mean that they are good. He called his own raps hot enough to turn the mid west into the middle east. He claimed that opponent was having mood swings and said he would roast him like a mortal combat character. Syd Vicious spit gun clapping lyrics too much to count. His word play was thorough he mentioned Aye Verb for whatever reason and said his competitor was scared. G Souldier started his battle verse claiming Syd Vicious is corniest out of all the presidents and claimed that his camera quality isn't right. He said that he had sex with his oppositions girl and went into details about it as well. He claimed that his challenger doesn't really live in Atlanta and said that he live in Marietta knitting up sweaters. He told his opposition that he has been fraudulent all his life and said that he probably went to Mases church. It seemed to be spitting a freestyle rap he even mentioned Havoc and Prodigy. G Souldier compared Syd Vicious to an Austin Powers character and said he would kill his opponents son. This is the third grind time rhyme battle that I've heard back to back that somebody says they would make someones eyes roll back like Wall-mart prices. This round of the match was a tie.

In the third round of the cypher Syd Vicious brought up the fact that G Souldier is from the city of the Rams football team and said that he gets no support from fans when he performs. He said that his opposition is on Arsonal's dick and accused the man of getting ripped then tried to imply that no one like to listen to his songs. He got real lyrical in his rap verse and killed it. G Souldier asked his opponent what kind of president he is and accused him of being the reason half of his division is leaving. He said that he came to this battle division only so he could get what he claimed to be as easy wins. He mentioned that this was his third round in the cypher and still didn't use a gun line. He tried to imply that Syd Vicious had a food fantasy and he mentioned a lot of movie titles like Juice. He said his challenger was trying to find dirt on him but he started messing up in the end. Syd Vicious won this round of the rhyme cypher.

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