Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Killa B vs Blackheart Adonis

Killa B had enough heart to start this battle off first saying that it was funny that he was matched up with a nigga named black. He said since Blackheart Adonis is trying to give him an L from his name he had better watch his back and said that his opponent is soft. He claimed to have took two losses and said it in a way that paid homage to L L Cool J and bragged about his shoes and his opponent is a bitch. He said that his opponents girl needs to shave her vagina. Killa B claimed to have his paper straight at this time being and said for some reason. He asked his opponent where his guns is at that he claims to be busting and told him that his real name is Marc then told him to tell his sister Cocoa he said what's up. He said his the name of his adversary's mixtape Time Bomb said that his opponent should have changed his name to Heartless because he's just another Conceited rapper. Blackheart Adonis said first off that his Killa B is a bitch and claimed to be better with verses and said he would get rid of his opposition like the edited version and said his opponent was dead when he pops slugs. He compared his challenger to 112 then called peaches and cream but also compared him the Queen Bee aka Lil Kim. He said that he would eliminate his opponent like pesticides and said his opponents not from Tallahassee and quoted Muhammad Ali when he said that after he stings the bee he'd float like a butter fly. Blackheart Adonis asked Grind Time why they gave his Killa B another try and said that his flow is trash. He said that he had a pro tool and a Mac to tweak his vocals. He compared his opponent to a vacuum. Blackheart Adonis won this round of the rap cypher by a tad bit.

Killa B hopped right in on the second round and started his battle verse and said he was the fliest you ever seen and told his opponent that he wouldn't be fly if he was the wing man. He basically said that he would hold his opposition hostage and make him run the track. He had many witty punchlines and claimed that he would perform a hit on his rival. He even tried to use Family Matters character in his rhymes. Blackheart Adonis used each letter of the word kill to describe what he'd do to his Killa B and said he would drop his opponent down faster than the value of a dollar. He compared sticking his opposition up to opposition to white girls at a Michael Jackson concert. He said having bad breath is the only he uses Scope and said have him leaving with a crack head like G Dep was with him. He said he be in the crib with his chick in each sex position and metioned he would heat up the next division. Blackheart Adonis said if acts foul he'd get an eagle to peck his Killa B as he called him a chicken and compared his adversary to Scotty Pippen then said he's like Jordan he'd give hang time and said he would leave him in the air like a gang sign. Blackheart Adonis perhaps won this round of the rhyme battle by a tad bit more.

In the third round of this cypher battle Killa B claimed that this was the end for closed caption. He said that he would leave caskets stacked up on each other and said that the only thing they have in common is that they have jobs. He claimed that his opposition had a better job and is a full time broker. He said that Blackheart Adonis's bars are too bright 1000 watts and said his face is ugly. He swore his adversary was broke and claimed to be in the game as a coach while his opponent is a starter. He said that talking junk is what he does best and implied that he would be standing over his opposition like Smokey. Killa B seemed to be impersonating Goku from Dragon Ball Z when he said one of his lines. Blackheart Adonis started his rap verse threatening to brake his opponents neck in for his chain and said he would put him in the air like a flight attendant. He compared his adversary to a car stop lights and said he would leave him in a box he even flipped his name around then pronounced it. He said he'd leave his eyes rolling back like prices at a convenience store and said he holds the fifth while calling his challenger a liar and said they can't co exist. Blackheart Adonis threatened to put wrestling moves on Killa B and said a don is like his last name. He continued to rap about shooting guns and said he's been around more heavy metal than Nickel Back. Blackheart Adonis won this round of the rap battle without a doubt.

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