Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Mendoza vs T2 Good

Mendoza started the rap battle first calling T2 Good a YouTube victim. He said his opponent be doing the Hammer dance and said that his opposition doesn't want it with him because he is too hood and implied that he was too good at rapping. He said that if his adversary thought about taking his own life then he should. He gave a lyrical story about what he did to his opponents girl and said he erections on her ass and face. Mendoza said would Kimbo slice his opponents grand mother. T2 Good started his verse in this round of the rhyme battle claiming to be chilling with his savage and called his challenger a no name and he forgot it. It sounded like he told Skillet that he set his man up to get sniped and said he doesn't have to worry about his opponent taking his girl because the man likes men. He said that his rivals own family calls him whats his face and said that the man is a bitch so he would put him to sleep since he is a vet. The last thing T2 Good said was that he would shoot aids blood in his face. This first round of the battle rapping was a tie in my opinion.

The second round of the cypher was started by Mendoza cursing at his opponent and said that he should let Skillet put him in the box. He said that his adversary thinks he's King James then said to call him Delonte West for having sex with his opponents mother and said she bought him polo shirts. He said his real name is Thomas and he works at a convenience store and said he rather work at ball parks and sale popcorn. Mendoza started to brag to his opposition about everything that he has and said he was about to catch one for his team. He tried to improvise but his but his freestyle raps started to suck and implied that he would drop him in one on one a fight. T2 Good called his opponent weak and said that he use to work at a convenience store and spit about the stores everyday low prices. He claimed that his opponents girl friend gave the whole Grind Time division oral sex and claimed he would slap him just for the fun of it. In my opinion T2 Good won this round of the cypher based on consistency and hot metaphors.

In the third round of this match up Mendoza said that his opponent went to rap battle with his pad an said that's like going to a gun fight with a knife and getting stabbed. He was surely spitting a freestyle verse during this round of the match but he made some good points on the spot, he called T2 Good's shirt tight. He called his opponent is a fag and compared him to Ray J. He said that his rival has a tattoo on his chest that says I'm gay. T2 Good went in after talking to Skillet on the next round of this cypher and said his opposition would be working a minimum wage flipping burgers and married to a chubby girl. He said that he would run over his opponent with a range rover and burn him with a flame thrower. He said that he would kick his challengers new born like a field goal and claimed that him and his crew ran a train on Mendoza girl. He wasted time then jumped back in and said he could do that because he won already. T2 Good won this round of the battle.

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