Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Surgeon General vs The Vesh

The Vesh started the hip hop battle telling Surgeon General welcome to the land of Hockey an Hip Hop White Kids as he referred to Minnesota and claimed to be the nicest there. He called his opposition a flight risk and said that he would travel to Florida and break his opponents whole entire state off like icicle. He compared his opponent to a piece of feces that wouldn't flush and called him the tallest rodent in the world. The Vesh called his Surgeon General Master Splinter and asked him if he should be out kicking it with the Ninja Turtles. He told his adversary that his raps are corny. He said that if he punched his adversary in the nose it wouldn't just knock him out he said it would fold his ugly ass face so he could watch his mouth. He said that he hoped his opponent was ready for battle rap time. Surgeon General went in immediately after calling himself a boss and said that he be piping his opponents mother with a bit of a lyrical twist. He claimed to be styling on his The Vesh then asked him what his name means and said he heard that he use to work at a pizza place then got kicked out to get a job at Texaco. He said that heard his challenger became a Tran-sexual with no testicles and told him to eat a dick and said too bad it's not a vegetable. Surgeon General called his opposition an incest child. He even claimed that he can rip him over beats snares and high hats. In my opinion Surgeon General won this round of the rhyme battle by a little bit more.

In the second round of the freestyle tournament The Vesh asked his opponent if she ever found out about the rash on her inner thighs he said he left her vagina smelling like roasted garlic. He told his opponent Surgeon General that he has his fraternal twins for him and tried to imply that his opponent had big nostrils. He told his opponent to snort coke off of the hookers ass not out of it and said that his breath smells like cigarettes and his parents are probably mythical beings. Surgeon General said his adversary came into the ring looking like Jerry Mc Guire and that he's a fag. He called him one of the cast members from American Pie and said that his opponent be begging his mother. He said that he would beat him up for ten cents. He said that his challenger would French kiss a penis just to get an autograph Slick Rick and said he busted a nut in the spaghetti his oppositions mother made. He claimed to have sex with The Vesh's whole family tree. Surgeon General tried to imply that his opponent wasn't that good and claimed to have put his elbow all the way in side her pussy. This round of the lyrical cypher was a tie.

In the third round of this cypher The Vesh said with a real serious face that he didn't know that he could read and write. He said that his jacket was the ugliest thing he seen in his life. He said that his opponent and him on a date look like
Ren and Stimpy and said that if his opponent talks about having sex with his bitch he must be referring to the family dog. He said that wouldn't even shoot his opponent just let the red beam burn his retina. He made fun of his oppositions grill as well and called his opponents teeth and called him chain saw jaws because of his deformed teeth. The Vesh even showed his opponent a stage prop at the end of his verse and told him that he needs to see a dentist. Surgeon General said that his opposition may hate his teeth but he hates his oppositions nose. He mentioned George Jetson and throwing his adversary off of a building. He said that his rivals pimp slapped him while he was pimping and gave him a middle finger then told him to screw himself. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion as well.

In the fourth round of this freestyle cypher Surgeon General went right in immediately and started rapping and said that his opposition looks like the Trojan man. He said that if his opponent wants to start he'd leave him on the puddle like he peed on the carpet and then asked his adversary what kind of dude he is. He got real syllabic and started rapping about climbing up a fence and jumping down on The Vesh. He called himself Master Splinter and claimed to have caught his challenger in his own rat trap. He seemed to have made up a word towards the end of his verse. The Vesh began to rap next. The first thing he said was that he takes the Surgeon General warning very seriously and said the warning on his jacket might make girls wanna run away. He said that a black man with no kids nowadays means that you are practically gay and told his opposition that he's not a thug. He said that if he hits his opposition with his car that's the only way he'd ever be a smash hit. He tried to call his adversary a parasite and had a Tupac joke or two. At the end he questioned the inteligence of his opponent., Inc.

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