Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents : Cadalack Ron vs George Jetson

George Jetson started this rap battle taunting Cadalack Ron with syllabic multi's basically making him realize that he wasn't gonna win even if he had if he had a magic rod. He said that he wonders how much crack his opponent was on and said that his opponents whole swag is wrong. He said if he were to put an eye patch an a bandanna on his opponent then you got Captain Ron. He said that he would start teeing off and had some golf references. George Jetson said that he smokes cloned herbs from Cali and said he would smack his opponent that he would refer to as being a Joe dirt bag. He said after the loss his adversary would be scatter brain and tried to say his opponent eats garbage. Cadalack Ron made a funny accent to start off his verse in this rhyme battle. He said that he told people he was going to the new division to rap and everyone thought he was going crazy. He claimed to have gave birth to the drugged out role in Grind Time and executed it perfectly. He told George Jetson to change his name to Elroy because the man is supposedly his son. He said so what if his opponent beat a couple of no names and got syllabic as he told his adversary that his new division sucks. Cadalack Ron won this round of the cypher by a little bit more not too much.

In the second round of the cypher George Jetson started off by saying he is more raw more fresher. In this round he seemed to have stepped up his bars in this round. He said he could beat his opponent using his native home accent and He said that the rule number 1 is that you shouldn't provoke an emcee that's doper than you. He said that Cadalack Ron is pathetic at best and ain't never been fresh. He made the point that his opponents hair is about as red as his neck he claimed to be hoping to get him a veteran from the west coast fresh coast division. George Jetson compared his opponent to a molecular spec. He accused his rival of using fake vagina's . Cadalack Ron went up to rap next saying people couldn't believe that he quit doing drugs and compared his opponent to a his before picture. He called George Jetson hands are soft from jacking off to Ashton Roth in the back seat of his mothers BMW. He said sometimes his challengers father stops and pulls his pants to watch and masturbate. He said that his opponent raps like he's having a monster seizure and said that his parents set him up for traps. Cadalack Ron said that his opponent had a permanent nerd face and said he had an anxiety attack before the cypher. This round of the MC cypher was a tie.

In the third round of the rap cypher George Jetson went into rhyme without hesitation. He said that he is a lyricist and called himself a genius then called him corny. He said his opponent hat sucks and said that his hat sucks. He said that Cadalack Ron is afraid of needles and called him an honest trip. He said that his opponent is proud to be a drug addict and said anything they would accomplish would look monstrous in comparison. He said he would beat his ass so bad that it would kick him back down the twelve steps of sobriety. Cadalack Ron started the cypher saying that it's no telling what he'd do George Jetson. He said that he'd leave adversary on the ground so shook he'd turn his Fubu shorts into do do draws and said he seen the guy before with 4 stickers on his Isuzu door. He compared his opponent to David Caruso and said that his opponent looks like the off spirng from Pete and Pete if they both had a kid. He said that his challenger looks like Reba Mc entire after she re ups from the crack supplier. Cadalack Ron brought up old movie characters when he accused George Jetson of looking like the man powder after he put on powder. In my opinion Cadalack Ron won this round of the rap cypher.

Cadalack Ron started the fourth round from what he said he was stating th obvious and said that George Jetson is a fag. He told him that he has boyfriends while his opponent has groupies. He told a syllabic story I'm not sure if it was freestyle or just all written and called his opponent ginger spice and swore his career would end tonight. Cadalack Ron tried to say that this was the best day of his life and said that his opponents father dressed him in tights then made him his bitch that night. George Jetson went to spit in the rhyme battle next claiming that his opposition doesn't have a good flow. He claimed that his adversary's main influence was Axel Rose and said that movies are the only time his opponent hears a pistol sound. He asked his opponent Hollywood been real and said that the only thing implied the only this his opposition shoots is needles. George Jetson sai at the en of his verse to send his challenger back to California in a Cadillac that 's fashioned as a Hurst. In my opinion this round of the lyrical dispute was a tie.

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