Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Madness vs Sahtyre

Madness started the first round of this rap battle saying that the cypher was like who's the prettiest versus who's the grittiest. He claimed to have gotten paid to win this match up with Sahtyre and said that he seen him get beat in one of his MC clashes. He implied that his adversary's rhyme battle was won Real Dealand told his him to check his resume he threatened to hit his opponent with a news paper. He said that his opposition comes from a generation of dick jockers and shit talkers which I would say is true if he is a mid to late 80's baby or younger. Madness made fun of his opponents hair line and then talked about himself saying if he's a comedian than you must've seen him in watch men. He finished off talking about his payroll. Sahtyre started his rap verse with a fat joke or two and called him a movie freak. He tried to imply that Madness is a Youtube thug and compared him saying his raps are dope would be a lie like if he were to call himself big boned. He went on forever about how fat his opponent is and gave him the advice to commit suicide because it'd easier than exercise. I'm not sure if Sahtyre was freestyle rapping or spitting a written but he tried to call his opponent a cannibal that ate an eighth grader. He said that what he had to they wasn't fat jokes but they were simply fat facts. His verse ended kind of early but o well In my opinion this round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

Madness hopped right in and started spitting next and the first thing he did was make a comparison to him and Sahtyre and called him self original. He said that he use to got to Open Mic's hoping to fight and tried to call his opponent a poetry slammer. He said that his opponent looks like a baby produced by Ice T and Co Coa and tried to call his adversary a rap nerd. Madness compared his opponent to Charli Baltimore and called his opponent sweeter than a snow cone. He said that his opponent was an environmentalist. Sahtyre jumped in rapping next about his challengers celebrity references claiming that they were funny and seemed to be trying to say he sounds like a T.V. announcer. He said that he felt like a hit producer and called Madness The Biggest Loser. He compared his adversary to Mr Cooper and tried to imply that he was two faced. He called his opponent Tony I think that's his real name, but he told his adversary that he's not a Soprano and doesn't eat his pasta right. Sahtyre said that his opponent has a picture of Don Corleone in his parents home and said compared him to a Baritone. He mentioned Chico DeBarge and called his opponent a gardener then at the end he mentioned Dirt Nasty. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion as well.

In the third round of this emcee battle Madness started this round out by giving props to Sahtyre. He said that he'd cut Sahtyre's pretty face and told him to shut up and tried say that he sounds like an 80's surfer. He said mentioned Johnny Storm in this round I guess Sahtyre battled him and called him a chess board then said that calling him fat is weak. He called his opponent Cassidy and claimed to have gave him a cracked jaw. The last thing Madness implied was for someone to get him the battles that he asked for. Sahtyre went up to rap next and asked his challenger if that was his best dis. He compared his opposition to Shrek and had more fat jokes. He said that his opponent is so fat he calls it walking leg lifts. He called his adversary a Nickelodeon rapper and wished cancer would plague his opponent. He told his opponent that he didn't have a sweet 16 since March Madness and asked who put nicotine in the crispy creams. This round of the rap clash was a tie.


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