Monday, August 2, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Philly Swain vs Ness Lee

Philly Swain started off this cypher calling himself The Grind Time Lebron and said minus Delonte West having sex with his mom, that was funny. He compared Ness Lee to an Ed Hardy hat and told him that the would get snapped on. He then proceeded to insult his opponents clothing and said his opposition didn't want it with him. He equated his adversary to Sebastian from The Little Mermaid and said he gets respect in the projects. Philly Swain tried to say that his lips are mad black because of his smoking habits and said he was a loser. Ness Lee started off saying that when his opponent loses he gets mad enough to cock the gauge and said that he was guaranteed to get shot. He said that his dogs raided his challenger momma's place then he asked if his opponent was suppose to be the one to clown his name and called him the uncle from the show House of Pain. He was a more thorough lyricist and accused Philly Swain of swimming naked at a non-nude beach. He tried to imply that his opponent couldn't shoot a gun. This round of the rap cypher was close I would have to say it was a tie.

In the second round of the lyrical battle Philly Swain went in rapping syllabic and had punchline with a reference to secret societies. He said that he's so hot starts fires in the rain and he seemed to freestyle rapping. He said that his adversary was sweating like getting married to fat bitch at a wedding. He compared himself to Shaquille O'Neal and asked him in an arrogant way why he came up there. He acted like he was possessed towards the end of his rap verse and finished off saying pussy. Ness Lee went up to rap next and said Philly Swain is black has a big belly and a beard but they are not alike. He claimed that he was with his opponents spouse and kicks it with her. He implied that his rival was a drag queen at one time and said that he was a hungry hippo. He said that his opponent came at him side ways and couldn't get through the gate otherwise. He had deep metaphors, he compare his opponent to Bro man from Martin and started making remixes to his songs. He ended rapping with lots of syllables. Philly Swain this round of the battle based on presence and rawness but I liked Ness Lee's punchlines better.

In the third round of the rhyme battle Philly Swain went in with no hesitation and told his opponent he looks like an African boy and tried to call him self an oil can. He had a strong hard rap delivery and said that he bangs on niggas like Jordan with his tongue out. He compared Ness Lee to a block downtown and told him he ain't a live nigga he just a pussy trying to rap like Plies. He shotted out his crew Wise Guys and said that he would spit about punching his adversary. Philly Swain implied that his opposition had poop stains. He gave a shot out to HOLLOW DA DON and had some harsh things to say about San Fransisco. He accused his rival of having to suck some body off to get to the one on one battle and asked him about his ear rings. He made references to MC Hammer Guess Jean company, and True Religion. He then went on to spit about his watch. I got to add that this is a funny battle. Ness Lee got back at Philly Swain for making all of the black jokes that he made by reminding him that they are the same color and said they might as well have the same mother. He seemed to be improvising a freestyle cut saying that he would out rap his adversary then out black him. He called his opponent a reversed Benjamin button with a stomach disease. He had a syllabic lyrical verse towards the end of this rhyme cypher. This round of the was a tie I dug both of there battle raps.


  1. it was a nice battle but shouts 2 philly swain (government Darin TERRY Swain) 4 dodgin child support frm numerous bbymoms includn me and thrown me disrespect on twitter. he tweeted sum bullshit 2day i replied bak "no nigga fuk u n ya dik i ratha suk sumthn i can gag on.felt like we were rubn 2 puscz 2getha.didnt kno whetha 2 fuk or finga u" lol RT that.shoutz 2 his camp blockn me on youtube mmmmuah btchez

    1. Shawti need spellcheck but this is funny. #PhillySwain has some wreckless babymomz lol hopefully he handled his drama. He getting to that money now
      #TheParade #AKVisions #DreMoon #ChristinaMilian #PhillySwain


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