Monday, August 2, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: Knowledge Medina vs Aak

Knowledge Medina started the cypher trying to imply that Aak is corny and boring to them. He asked him why he raps the way he does and threatened to assault him but claims that he doesn't wanna catch a case. He made insults about his oppositions delivery and hit him with a face joke. He acclaimed that his opponent would leave the battle with no money for stepping face to face with him unless he got a direct deposit. He tried to call his opponent a back sliding muslim and brought up everything that his Aak could possibly say about him. Knowledge Medina admit to choking in a few rap battles and the fact that he has trouble pronouncing words. He gave his run down of exactly who he is towards the end of his verse tried to imply that he was a lion eating an ox and tried to imply that the two emcees could relate to each other but said his adversary belongs behind the scenes. Aak went up to rhyme next and made it clear that his adversary's verse was the most corny he's ever heard and said that he's forever nerd then made fun of the way he pronounces words. He said he's know for winning while Knowledge Medina is known for losing and said that they are distant cousins. He mentioned that his rival is a heavy weight but called himself a heavy favorite and started to improvise a good counter saying some real lyrics about just because his opponent knew everything he said can't change the impact of when he says him. Aak had a strong delivery that could be felt for sure and insulted his adversary's legacy with no regards for the Grind Time Pioneers. This MC truly turned it up a notch and told him screw his career and called his 18 matches trash. Aak said he caught his opposition with his breasts out singing at Spring Break. This round of the freestyle battle was a tie.

In the second round of this rap clash Knowledge Medina anxiously jumped and spit his bars. He said when people saw his adversary's name on the flyer they couldn't believe he existed and compared him to Michael Vick. He asked Aak who he was fighting saying he looks like a munchkin an abusive husband, and Marcus Houston's cousin. He tried to imply that no one said it was gangster to stomp on someones face like you are river dancing and said that he would snuffed him for making fun of his country. Knowledge Medina brought up a true valid fact to his islmaic adversary that most Europeans are Muslim. He compared his opponent to Marlin Wayan in womens clothes and compared his woman to The Prophet Muhammad . Aak jumped in and started rapping about Knowledge Medina's losses and claimed that his challenger stomped on. He focused on trying say that nobody cares about adversary's record and told him that he'd never be anyone who matters. He said something about his opponent battling 9DM and swore he was lame. He said called his oppositions album worst than his Grind Time record. He implied that his rival isn't a rider and even his car confirms it. The winner of this round of the one on one battle was Aak.

In the third round of the cypher Knowledge Medina told his opposition that he could ask around about him everyone would tell him the truth a big dude with a big nose that makes him look more Islamic than his adversary. He tried to make his opponent look like Osama bin Laden and accused him of living in caves and eating spiders. He compared his opponent to Alicia Keys and Steve Urkel. He called Aak a plane jacker and said that him and his accomplice got into a fight about who would fly the plane after he jacked it. Knowledge Medina said that his adversary knows it would get racial rapping against him and spoke about how he would beat him in Madden or Fifa. He reminded his adversary that he wasn't in New jersey and called him an octopus. Aak said that his opponent reminds him of Diaz and tried to call him a biter who copies. He asked his opponent what he was talking about and said that he should become a muslim and to give it a try. He said that Knowledge Medina's speech impediment should help him speak arabic and made a good point about cheaters say they often win. Aak called his opponent pussy in Spanish and said that High Collide writes his rhymes. He tried to imply that his opposition and his crew think up lyrics as a group effortinstead of individually. In my opinion Knowledge Medina won this round of the one on one battle

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