Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grind Time Now presents: Monk McNasty vs Double/Deuce

Monk McNasty started the rap clash first comparing it to The Last Dragon part 2 and said that Double/Deuce rolls solo because the hoes don't dig him. he tried to imply that his opponent was poor and they let him in for free because he had nothing. He claims that his rival looks like India Arie and said that's the reason they slid him to this M.O.B. tournament for free. Monk McNasty said that his opponent getting a win is like Michael Jackson getting plastic surgery again. He seemed so sure that he was gonna beat his opponent in this cypher. He said that his opposition was gonna lose bad when he makes him look like double the Deutsch bag. Double/Deuce called Monk McNasty by the name of a famous Drag Queen and basically told him that he could leave if he wants to. The rapper also tried to say that his challenger was soft and compared his enemies to Q-balls. He called his adversary a gold fish and flowed with an animated delivery that was enjoyable. This emcee even tried to spit a little E-40 slang and said that his sniper are ready to shoot at Monk McNasty but they are supposedly waiting for the signal light. In my opinion Double/Deuce won this round of the rhyme battle because his opponent spit a dead verse I wouldn't recommend he change his voice or even his his delivery but say harder puchlines.

In the second round of the rap cypher Monk McNasty went right in and asked Double/Deuce what was up with his filler and asked him why he couldn't say nothing iller. He thought s of himself as being Godzilla and asked his adversary if he was a chinchilla. He tried to get syllabic with a quick insult on his rivals girl friend and implied that she couldn't make dinner as if she was insignificant. This rapper also tried to imply that his opponents parents are junkies and told him he looked like something Angelina Jolie would adopt. I like the way he kept his cool his delivery is calm, cool, and collective, it's unique. Monk McNasty asked Obama to give his opponent a stimulus package. Double/Deuce went next and I would say he had an interesting rap verse his brain is on another planet and deep enough to get you thinking and he stated a true fact when he said that people watch rap cyphers for jokes. He equated his flow to heroin which has been done too many times to count and he called his opponent the name of a Street Fighter character. Double/Deuce said that his style is perfected so you are gonna feel it whether you like it or not like you are getting molested and claimed that he was real nice at fighting. This guys performance was thorough and the last punchline about helping his opponent put his head through bricks was dope. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third Monk McNasty started his verse in the third round comparing his nut to his opponent as well as comparing his smart phone to his opponent. He called his adversary retarded and Ohio trash and he said that Jermaine Dupri went to Ohio to get Lil Bow Wow and drove past his opponent. He told Double/Deuce not to talk greasy because he's all out of pro-style and seemed to had ended early. When it was time for Double/Deuce to say his verse he accused his opponent of using too many drugs and drinking hard liquor. He told adversary he could lose his life for trying to mimic his kid. He said that he's more of a murderer than a artist he strted laughing after he said one of his verses. I think he was freestyle rapping when he said that his opponent thinks he's a ninja because him and his gay uncle use to sword fight. He ended the Mc clash talking about his fight skills. Double/Deuce won this round of the cypher.

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