Sunday, August 1, 2010

Grind Time Now Presents: PT vs Dreams

PT started the rap battle asking if his opponent has an S on his chest and a cape on? He told a story about how Dreams got to find out he was battling. He called himself a super emcee that would run through his adversary with ease. He called his opponent a Lil Nigga and told him he'd get messed up for stepping up and made jokes about his girl claiming that she doesn't have a big butt but she knows how to give head. He had a punchline that was referring to Morris Chestnut but I think that metaphor was straight it got a little bit too much reaction from the crowd in my opinion then he compared his opposition to a bar and grill. PT claimed to be nice and said his that his rival wouldn't be nice no matter how many times he waves his hands around and dances around it was kind of funny the way he presented it. Dreams started his verse saying that he's Kobe with an Ice Grill then said that he would lean him like some NY-quill and then I liked how he tried to rhyme Bible with it that's funny. What made this rapper stand out more than his opponent to me was his live delivery and called PT the Charles Hamilton type. He tried to say that his opponent has a small penis according to a girl he messes with and tried to incorporate a bit of horror-core into his raps. He said the cats that his adversary stole his style from can call him low jack. In my opinion Dreams won this rhyme battle.

In the second round of this rap clash PT cursed at his opposition and called him an old clone that should'v postponed the battle. He said that Angelo Jones ain't shotting no guns and said that after the match up his fans would throw stones. He said that when he spit the crowd be wild-in and compared his crowd reaction to a broke phone. He also compared his opposition to a goalie and said he would rip him like a wet nap. His last metaphor was thorough, he said that he never sleeps asked how can dreams affect him, that was deep. Dreams went into rap immediately after and said he was ready to go. He called his adversary a toy soldier who's clothes should have been made by Hasbro. He said that PT couldn't see the storm coming with a weather man which i thought was kind of Generic and I like when he started speaking Greek or what ever he was speaking then he acted like he shot him and said bang with the nozzle off. He compared this cypher to Jurassic Park and while he was rapping PT seemed to be staring in his face trying to scare him. He killed it with this round of the rap clash with all the ugly jokes he had for his opponent. Dreams won this round of the rhyme battle in my opinion.

In the third round of the one on one match up PT started off calling Dreams a chump and said that he was gonna kill him at once. He told a story about his opponent and claimed that the man got punk-ed. He threatened to slap his opponent and he compared the differences between him and his opponent even though they are both light skinned but tried to say that his adversary is a homo sexual. He gave Dreams fighting invitations to almost like he was really serious and said when the battle was finished he would make him snooze. PT said that when he is done stomping his opponent he should have marks on his face so it shouldn't confuse the people who is who. His loaded male strip club metaphor was thorough as well as the hate crime one and the time was up before he could finish kicking his verse. Dreams went in to rap trying to imply that after the last verse his opponent spit he didn't even notice him. He claimed his opponent was years behind and said some funny raps about hitting people with light sabers all that crap and said when PT leaves the rap clash parted don't call him a nice braider. He compared his challenger to Lil Flip and claimed he Pokemon trained. He said that this match wouldn't go to overtime and at the end made another queer joke. This round of the round one on one battle was a tie.

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