Wednesday, September 1, 2010


MC KIMS started his rap verse saying that PAKMAN is Bin Laden's little brother and said that for stepping to himself he must have been drunk. He said that his adversary would have a better chance at attacking the twin towers then to step to him and said that he'd end up broke for trying to compete. He said that you would have to call the ambulance and said that his flow is hotter than his adversary's whole country Afghanistan. I'm tired of people biting that murdah mook punchline that he used against Jae Millz but that's exactly what he did, he switched it around a little bit. PAKMAN then went in to rap claiming to have punchlines for days and said ain't no MC that can murder him. He said told MC KIMS that if he wants to act tough he could switch up from spitting to swinging. He claimed to be the best in Baltimore when it came rap. He had homo jokes claiming that his rival is in the closet. He told his adversary to chose his words wisely and watch what he says. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap clash MC KIMS went into rhyme and began to imply that PAKMAN is the cause of 9/11 and called the cypher an emergency. He thought that it was dumb to put his adversary against him and told him that he lies so much he should lose his teeth. He claimed that his rival doesn't shoot guns and this guy raps with a cocky swagger. PAKMAN went into rhyme and said something about the applause that MC KIMS got from the crowd. He claimed that he was gonna make the battle get embarrassing and called himself a quarterback. His points and punchlines were on it this round. He even made up a few scenario's as well. PAKMAN won this round of the rap tournament.

In the third round of the rhyme battle MC KIMS went in to spit saying that everything PAKMAN said was whack and compared his career to a back pack. He compared his oppositions girl to Myspace and asked if he was suppose to believe his adversary works at gas station. He compared himself to a weather man and brought up how PAKMAN runs from ghosts. PAKMAN then went in to rhyme saying that MC KIMS spits sick and called his own flow Tylenol. He claimed to be getting it on his challengers girl friend the night before the battle. He seemed to have been freestyle rapping and he compared his adversary to Super Mario. He claimed that he would be taking the prize money. His round of the battle was won by MC KIMS in my opinion.

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