Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KOTD - DVS vs Reckless

DVS started the rap battle telling Reckless to shut his mouth when grown ups are talking and tried to imply that his adversary gets sodomized by his teachers. He continued to make homo jokes and references about his adversary. He had a lyrical flow and claimed that he was gonna next his opponent. He finished off his verse threatening to get at his opponent really bad. Reckless went in to rhyme next and told DVS that he had to get something out of the way and accused his challenger of being the type to front and tell a bunch of lies. He then started to show his lyrical skills in rapping off and claimed that it would be a mistake to spit about him being fat since it didn't work for Cripple. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rhyme battle DVS went in to the lyrical match telling Reckless that he wouldn't hurt his carreer basically and tried to imply that his oppositions music is weak. He claimed to an Alpha male that shows dominance and called himself profound. He accused his rival of watching Precious just tom make him feel better about himself. Reckless accused DVS last battle of being a flop and said that he kept on talking about his penis when he was rapping. He then started to talk to his challenger like a psychiatrist and told him that the destructive behavior had to end. He accused his adversary of having a fake ass persona and accused his kids of not being his. This round of the lyrical cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rap tournament DVS called Reckless a bitch and seemed to admitted about having a gut and being thirty two. He made fun of his adversaries brests and accused him of having a fascination for penis. He accused his opponent of having some type of fagot disease and said that there is no vaccination for it. He threatened to hit his adversary hard enough give him a concussion and accused him of trying to raise money for a breast reduction. Reckless then went into rhyme and said you can catch DVS screaming Hip Hop junkies for life. He accused his challengers wife and goons of riding his dick. He said that it was clear that his adversaries rap career was dead and said accused him of jacking the KOTD (KING OF THE DOT) intro. He accused him of using the into against Po Rich and said something about before he jacks another Masta Ace line. Reckless edged this round and won it by a little bit more in my opinion.

In the last round of this rhyme battle Reckless then went in and started rhyming sick and called himself a pro then claimed DVS was an apprentice. He accused his adversary of playing with more balls than Tennis and accused robbing more flows than Sketch Menace. He the crowd be loving him and made a point about his rival rhyming screwing other women. He also mentioned Dizaster from Grind Time. DVS went into the rap battle claiming his wife brings home other women. He spit with a syllabic lyrical style and accused Reckless of not knowing what he is talking about. I think DVS won this round of the lyrical tournament because of his counter.

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