Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KOTD - Justice McFly vs Mike Flamez (Promo Battle)

Mike Flamez started the rap battle first accusing Justice McFly of having a lady that's waiting for him that promised him head and claimed that watching other battles was making him get impatient. He claimed that he was gonna say something so nice should get payed to say it. He claimed that his adversary would have to say a prayer and get super powers with a cape to wear. He compared his opponent to Jim JONES and was almost accurate except for the facial hair part. He claimed to be the mid west monster and put a middle finger in his rivals face then claimed to knock out fools. Justice McFly then went in to rap and said if he hits Mike Flamez in the face with a shank they should have his face laced up like a fresh pair of Jordan's. He asked him what his adversary thought and talked about guns. He accused his rival of being a homo and losing a battle to DNA. He had good points but this round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap cypher Mike Flamez called Justice McFly Loe Pesci's bitch. He seemed to be spitting a freestyle and claimed that his adversary was gonna lose like all the other Canadians. Yea this must be a promo battle how are you gonna go to someones home and dis respect where they are from, I hope he didn't bet money on this. He even referenced Hollohan and got lyrical. He told his rival that he is not better than him and asked his opposition why he is so animated. Justice McFly then went in to rhyme and said that it was funny that Mike Flamez made a Hockey reference. He made fun of his challenger is picking his nose and said the rap battle is watching and waiting for the day his adversary's heart stops. He brought up the fact that his adversary is from Ohio and loses a good amount of battles. Justice McFly had a strong performance. This round of the lyrical freestyle battle was a tie.

In the third round of the cypher Mike Flamez went in countering Justice McFly's last attack to his Youtube video of him picking his nose was gonna say. He said that his adversary last battle had around 6,000 views and claimed that Drect let him in Grind Time without trying out. He said that he is coming to Smack and said that he would kick his adversary's Canadian ass. Justice McFly then went in to rap and said when he kills Mike Flamez he'd make it look like an old school mob flick. He compared his guns to the Flintstones and said that his freestyles are dynamite and called his opponent a transvestite. He claimed to have forgot his rhymes according to what he said but he still held it down and accused his rival of having a glass house. He accused his challenger of trying to be a scholar of black history.

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