Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KOTD - Criple vs Stevie P

Criple started the cypher first and said seemed to have something to say about his Stevie P with no hesitation and said that first of all his adversary is a geek. He seemed to have gotten real lyrical and syllabic. He said that he would tell his adversary to eat a D but said it would just contribute to country's obesity. he told his opposition to take his ass back to where he beats his meat at and he was real lyrical during this first round. He then started to flop and run out of lines to say. He said the first thing his opponent did when he got into Calgary was call DJ Rufio to see a movie. He called his opposition Steven Pepper I assume that is his full name. Stevie P then went in to rap claiming to have a riddle and diden't hesitate to go in and make fun of Criple. He hesitate to beat his challenger to death and said it would be hard enough for his next match to feel the ripple effect. He claimed that his adversary is a miserable wreck and asked him how he got in here when the venue wasn't wheel chair accessible. He even brought up Young Drake. In my opinion this round of the cypher was a tie since they both messed up.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Criple went into spit and called Stevie P hopeless. He said that his flow is so sick it would make his adversary over dose and twitch. He called his adversary's flow weak and claimed to blaze with legends. He claimed to hang at his oppositions mothers house getting names and digits. He called his opposition the Vancouver fairy. Stevie P went in to rhyme next and claimed that laughed the first time he seen Criple and accused him of being a skinny dummy who sucks at rap. He said that his adversary is broke and has no bills like bucket hats. His lyrical abilities were thorough. He had some hot punchlines real talk that were almost like riddles. He called his opposition the lowest common denominator. Stevie P this round of the lyrical battle inmyopinion.

In the third round of the lyrical cypher Criple said that Stevie P has no women messing with him and said that his skin has an unusual texture. He said hat his weed is better and said that his opposition use to play Hockey but no one use to pass him the puck. He started to freestyle and said that he was doing it because his home boy sold him some dirt ass weed. In the third round of the cypher Stevie P spit his verse and said that Criple doesn't pose a threat. He tried to make fun of how skinny his challenger was once more and said at a masked suicide his he would die a lonely death. He tried to say that his opposition had no hopes at winning this battle. He proceeded to hit him with the lyrical riddles and punchlines. Stevie P won this round of the rap battle in my opinion.

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