Wednesday, September 1, 2010

KOTD - Red Faction vs Mista Conspiracy

Mista Conspiracy started the rap cypher first and mentioned Organik and he kids got balls for admiting the fact that he him self was losing rap battles left and right. He claimed that he wasn't gonna lose another rap battle ever again to Red Faction and asked him how it felt to be his first victim and said that a raw blow would make him history. He claimed that his adversary's girl wants to have sex with him and said he would throw his opposition in the trash. Red Faction went in to the rap clash and claimed to feel like a bully going up against Mista Conspiracy. he claimed that he's just doing this for the cash and at the same time hoped to get wrecked because he felt like this battle was un fair. He had a ton of pauses in his rap verses. He claimed he was dating his adversary's sister but he got stopped before he could finish. In my opinion Mista Conspiracy won this round of the rap cypher.

In the second round of the cypher Mista Conspiracy went in to start rapping and said Red Faction's mother has a wide pussy. He claimed not to have gotten a haircut and said that the worms in her vagina came and ate his hair away after he sniffed it. He said that she obsessively calls him then said that he stiffed his mother for change. He said that his adversary chokes like a bitch when rapping. Red Faction then went in to rap and compared Mista Conspiracy to Sylvester the cat and called him weird and claimed not to know that the Salvation Army had a clearance rack. He said his challenger looks like Shakespeare and started to spit a lyrical freestyle then some one messed him up so he cursed. Mista Conspiracy won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of this battle Mista Conspiracy went in and accused Red Faction of having gay sex with Bill O Reilly then he wouldn't be surprised if that's true. He accused his oppositions breath of smelling like poop and asked him if Harsh z went ass to mouth on him. He accused his opposition of jacking off to mouse porn and pictures of Al Gore. He accused his opponent of messing with strong male prostitutes and accused him of sculpting fake penis's out of Play Doe. He ended giving a shout out to Mic Assassin. Red Faction then went in to rhyme and said he was screwing his oppositions mother late night. He tried to imply that his challenger was unworthy match for him and said he had a crazy swag and punches. He then started mess up on his written raps. Mista Conspiracy won this round of the rap tournament in my opinion.

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