Thursday, August 12, 2010

DON'T FLOP DOUBLES R1 - Tenchoo/Lego Vs OSB'z (Scizzahz/Wizard)

Scizzahz started the rap battle for OSB'z talking about talking to Tenchoo and called him similar to David James. He accused him of being clumsy and always making mistakes and took credit for being original scum bags. He said Tencho and Lego put together has as much swag as his mother. Wizard jumped in and said that he was sparking things. Scizzahz then jumped back in and called them lames then said that Lego lost a rap battle to him which says a whole lot considering saying a whole lot. Wizard said he would have a grin on his face if his adversary's plane crashed don the way home and called Tenchoo a tall cunt. Scizzahz called his accent annoying. Tenchoo started to rap for his team next and said Wizard reminded him of DJ Ironic's retarded twin and said Scizzahz had a whack show. He said that his opponent thinks he's funny but said that they weren't laughing with him they are laughing at him and brought up about his adversary's saying that he lives in London. Tenchoo threatened to remove every beat in his entire collection after he removes the Virus Protection. He accused his opponent of playing with fake penis's. This round of the cypher was a tie.

In the second round of the rap cypher Wizard started off calling the opposing tag team silly fagots and Scizzahz jumped in trying to imply that Lego is a racist from that grew up in prejudice area. He said that when his opponent met his partner he told him that he was the first ethnic guy he had ever had a conversation with him. Wizard claimed to be a G with massive burners and said that Tenchoo is a groupie. Scizzahz told Lego it looks like a chuckle brother had sex with his mother. Tenchoo started off threatening them not to dis his misses and referenced wrestlers in his verse. Lego said he would put Scizzahz in a pedigree. Tenchoo stayed true to his lyricalness and made a reference to Scizzahz girl friend. Lego seemed to have ended his verse making gay jokes about his rival. I would have to say that this round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the third round of the rap tournament Scizzahz started out the third round of this match up and said something about Shaggy. He said that he would probably lose because judges seem to hate him. Wizard then went into rhyme next and said Tenchoo isn't even half black and called him quarter Rican after Fat Joe shagged his mother. He said his adversary considers himself a five per-center because of how black he is. Lego continued to make jokes about Tenchoo not being black enough. Tenchoo started round three of the rhyme battle saying that some people think he's ill and he was about to kill the hype. Lego talked about his adversary's family photo as well and made fun of Wizard's nose bone trying to say it people confuse it for a shark. Tenchoo said his opposittion can use his nose to pogo. He said Wizard's favorite trick is making a fake penis vanish.

In the fourth round of this rap battle Tenchoo seemed to think overtime was rubbish. He tried to imply that the opposing team paid the judges and said his opposition probably needs a blanket sheet as a handkerchief. Lego was thorough lyricist in this last round of the Hip hop tournament. Tenchoo said that the his two opponents made a bad decision pairing up with Wizard because he's not a good rapper. Lego accused his opponents of standing in the mirror checking each others muscles out. Wizard started his verse for this cypher and claimed to have won it in four bars. Scizzahz implied that Tenchoo has the face of a donkey. Wizard soon went in and said that his rivals stacks don't build and said when Tenchoo rhymes he doesn't hear the simile. Scizzahz called his adversaries whack enough to make Guru turn in his grave. In my opinion Tenchoo and Lego won this round of the freestyle tournament.

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