Friday, August 13, 2010

DON'T FLOP DOUBLES R1 - Oshea/Rikky Riley Vs Prince Kong/Gizmo

Rikky Riley started this rap cypher first saying something about watching the DON'T FLOP video and said he was not impressed. Oshea spit about where Prince Kong and Gizmo calling there scene fagots then next said he smashed Prince Kong sister. He accused his opponents of watching Wimbledon and accused him of building pyramids. Gizmo started his verse next and said something about going to the bar when he started. He compared Oshea to a cinema. Prince Kong called his challengers selfish cunts. Gizmo then went in to call Rikky Riley mouthy and said that they wouldn't win the battle putting on those funny pranks. This round of the cypher was a tie.

In the second round of the rhyme match Rikky Riley started it first Oshea next calling Gizmo Holocaust denier and a Holocaust liar. He tried to call Prince Kong an imbecile and then Rikky Riley jumped in and accused him of getting his face raped by his father. Oshea then did an impersonation of Gizmo and calling Brighton gay. Gizmo went into rhyme for his team next calling Oshea Steven and talking junk about his mother. Prince Kong said something about his challengers favorite sex position and he also told a story about Rikky Riley and called his dick tiny. Both of the the emcees on this team tried to call Rikky Riley a bad lyricist comparing him to 90's rappers. Prince Kong and Gizmo won this round of the cypher.

In the third round of this what seemed to be freestyle tournament Oshea pointed at Prince Kong and said he was gonna end up fighting him. He continued to make Brighton jokes and claimed to have sold him cocaine then said the story was true. Rikky Riley then started talking crap about Gizmo's mother then it seemed Oshea was accusing him of going to homo porn sites. It was cool how they were finishing up there verses for each other towards the end and I guess they were spitting writtens. Rikky Riley suggested a game of penuts towards the end of his rap verse. Prince Kong threatened to leave Oshea dead and compared his head to an ostrich egg. He implied that Rikky Riley is jocking Oshea's penis and did a funny enactment like he was trying to channel something in his brain. This round of the lyrical match up is a tie.

In the fourth round of this cypher Prince Kong started the fourth round of this rap square off first for his team talking about Liverpool. Gizmo said that he hates the way his adversary's rap. Prince Kong then proceeded to make momma jokes and Gizmo implied her ass jiggling. Gizmo started freestyle flowing and tried to call Oshea Danny Devito. Oshea started off saying that it went to Overtime so it's bad news for his opponents. Rikky Riley said that when it comes to winning they don't deserve or even want it and claimed that he had better things to do. He rather rip Don't Flop sponsors so he says. Oshea said that he seen Prince Kong battle Joker Starr and was making fun of his punchlines. Rikky Riley said that Gizmo enjoys the intimate company of men. The last MC Oshea mentioned was Jadakiss. Prince Kong and Gizmo won this round of the cypher.

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