Friday, August 13, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Joker Starr Vs Nishi

Joker Starr started this rapping battle implying that Nishi's jacket was really a table cloth then told a story about when he seen his rival at Blood In the Water, he claimed to have treated him like family. The funny thing is messed up during his rhyme verse soon after. When he got back in the game and caught his rhythm he accused his opponent of losing pretty badly and even had the delivery to describe it. He tried to imply that his adversary should stick to the streets if he's no good at rapping and said this isn't his usual passion. Nishi then went in with his lyrical hard punchlines and bad things on Joker Starr's mother for giving birth to him and referred to his raps as being vomit. He seemed to be trying to imply that his challenger was all talk but no action but made it clear that he wasn't scared and claims that he even rejects him on Facebook. He finished his verse by accusing his opposition of killing his career by association. Nishi won this round of this battle of hard rhymes.

In the second round of this rap cypher Joker Starr went in and made it clear that people are suppose to hate and called Nishi a hobbit and a novice. He even said that today wasn't a good day for his adversary and seemed to be comparing his adversary to playing with birds. He asked about his opponent about the army behind him and said they must not like him for letting him go up against him. He made fun of his rival's teeth as well and compared them to the legs on his wife. Nishi then went in saying that Joker Starr is a joker and people laugh at him because of his bizarreness. He said that nobody calls his challenger large and said that the MC has been rhyming for a minute but still doesn't get any recognition. He claimed that his opposition mooned the crowd when he was on stage and tried to imply that he is a comedian. Nishi won this round of this cypher punchlines.

In the third round of the one on one battle Joker Starr used stage props showing off Nishi's CD/mix-tape then throwing it on the ground and he seemed hungry for a win. He thought that it was fowl for him to disrespect him after he just purchased it then he threw it on the ground but that was stupid especially if he purchased it that's a real waste of money and english currency is high but anyways. He suddenly forgot his lines and took too long of a pause to redeem himself in my book and then tried to improvise and freestyle. Nishi claimed that Joker Starr ecstatic when he found out he was battling him because supposedly he thinks they are the same but he said that his opponent was not a challenge to him. He called himself a savage from Rome and tried to imply that he was up against a pussy it almost became a fight. Nishi won this round of the rap tournament.

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