Friday, August 13, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Ksnatch VS Twoshea

Ksnatch started the rhyme cypher making it clear that he didn't care about any coin flips and thought the match didn't make sense. He compare himself to a razor blade and Twoshea to a q ball. This rapper was a thorough lyricist and poetically described his rhymes and flow. He said that his opponent tried to get Redzer to let him perform at Don't Flop naked. He accused his adversary's mother being on a porn channel and called him illiterate. When it was time for Twoshea to go up he seemed to lack the delivery. He claimed to have heard Ksnatch's music and made fun of his lyrical ability and called his bones brittle. He referred to his own loins as being cold snow. He accused his challenger of having many mental ilnesses. In my opinion Ksnatch won this round of the cypher.

Ksnatch went in on round two of the rap battle with mad lyrics he was letting Twoshea have it he referred to his rhymes as being obscene. He tried to call his adversary a bitch and referred to himself as a rebel. He called his opponent a depressing dumb cunt and said his accent might be bad but his is even worse. He repeated the F word simultaneously as an impersonation of his rival. Twoshea said most people in the crowd grew up on Biggie Smalls and 2-Pac while he claims that Ksnatch grew up on Barbie's. He said thathe was up against a whack MC who was the reason Hip Hop is committing suicide his lines are patriotic. He started to slip up on his rhymes and he called his challenger a pussy. The last thing he told his opponent was that he wasn't special. Ksnatch won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of this freestyle battle Ksnatch went in to start his verse and seemed to be telling a story but started off by mentioning Redzer. He said that Twoshea has pathetic bars and seemed compared his form and structure to an old ladies ass. He talked about how his opponent shaves his pubes and said he would mangle the microphone then started freestyle rapping towards the end so it seemed. Twoshea started to flow immediately after mentioning Genesis and he said he would end Ksnatch's career in Hip Hop with affirmative action. He mentioned awful songs and, big ups to them I might mention. He seemed to have ran out of things to say and had a pause. I thought his choke was worse so Ksnatch won this round of the cypher.

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