Saturday, August 14, 2010

DON'T FLOP - Nash Vs Rob Steenson

Rob Steenson started the rhyme battle an said that Nash only pretends he's a sick rapper. He said that his adversary's haircut looks like he was attacked by a drunken Edward scissor hand. He stopped in his verse early because he though his minute was up but it wasn't quite over. He made the statement about the league having him battling an amateur. Nash started out saying that Rob Steenson won a match-up so now he thinks his chances are better but claimed the person he beat wasn't a very big accomplishment. He said that next time his rival shaves he shouldn't stand too close to the blade. He maintained being a thorough lyricist and called his challenger lots of names. He made insults from accusing him of looking like a drug addict and he even compared him to a joke with no punchline at the end. He said talked crap about his opponents mother and the rest of his family. Nash won this round of the lyrical cypher for sure.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Rob Steenson started out and seemed to be using the lords name in vein. He then started trying to imply that Nash is a poser that acts hard even though his woman has him in check. He told his adversary not to get so excited because he was kidding around and the turned around and made a gay joke on him and compared his opposition to a Muppet character. Nash then went in to rap soon after and started off by telling a story and claimed that he tried to do a track with him but he wasn't interested. He talked about the tightness of his adversary's girls pussy and said it helps him write raps. This round of the rhyme battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this cypher Rob Steenson asked why Nash even MC's when no one can understand him. He called his opponent in bread aka a victim of incest. He said that his adversary is a mother fucker litterally. He got syllabic in this battle and accused him of participating in Gang Bangs at his family reunion. Nash started out the emcee battle trying to accuse Rob Steenson of dressing like a Gothic on a regular. He accused his challenger of being a disgraceful rapper and tried to imply him of having little street credibility. He accused his adversary of being a salad tosser as well and said he would jack him for his ice but he doesn't have any. He called his opponents ex girl friends ugly. Nash ended by telling his opponent to remember he murdered him with rugged rhymes. In this last round of the punchline battle I would have to say.

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