Saturday, August 14, 2010

DON'T FLOP DOUBLES R1 - Enlish/Hines Vs Silvertongue/Mr Mackenzie

Silvertongue started this MC battle first for his team that he referred to as being the greatest and said that considered Enlish and Hines to be the lamest. He said that his adversary hasn't been laid in weeks and seemed to be trying to make him out to be a child molester. Mr Mackenzie compared his two opponents to members from the A team and told one of them o sell there M.P.C.. These two rappers called there opponents everything in the book from poor, old, to being women. There performance seemed to be rehearsed thoroughly. Enlish started his verse for his team and made a comment about how sleek his figure is but said if he was a fat bastard he would eat there babies. He then proceeded to call his two opponents fagots and claimed to rob beats on stages while his adversary's rob needle exchanges. He then went in and talked about Scotish men in England being successful then said Mr Mackenzie is the type to buy his girl a boob job. Hines seemed to be calling Silvertongue's group Perfect practice then got lyrical and said a ton of things in the midst. They seemed to have freestyle'd part of it. In my opinion Silvertongue and Mr Mackenzie won this round of the cypher.

In the second round of the tournament the Scotish rapper known as Silvertongue started first and bragged about ripping shows and had a thorough lyrical delivery. He said that he hates Hines beats but Enlish has them as his ringtone. He accused his adversary of subscribing to En Vogue. Mr Mackenzie claimed that his bout would be over Hines head and got technical when breaking down the mans name. Silvertongue hopped back in and tried to call his adversary's tattoo's fake. Hines started his verse soon after holding it down for his team admitting to be old school b boy rocking shell toed adidas. Enlish implied that both of his challengers need to learn how to speak properly and seemed to be trying to call his adversary's junkies again. Hines said that his oppositions would think that they are good in this game because everybody from Scotland has an MC in front of there name. Enlish claimed to have ran a train on Silvertongue's girl and ended mentioning the Blood in the water event. This round was a tie.

In the third round of the cypher Mr Mackenzie went in for his team first but It didn't seem to me like he said anything special. Silvertongue went saying something about Marvin Gaye and said that Tenchoo and Lego got it wrong and said Sensa mentioned that his opponents were powering turntables. Mr Mackenzie called Hines a Caucasian fagot and Silvertongue ended this round of the rap battle accusing his opponents of sleeping with each other. Hines jumped in calling his opponents Scottish fags and Enlish was talking crap about Silvertongue's mother relentlessly. Hines seemed to be accusing him Mr Mackenzie of going to the clinic for std's to end off his round. This round of the two on two battle was a tie in my opinion.

Enlish went in to start the fourth round of the lyrical cypher and tried to say that Scotland lost there best emcee and made a comment about his own album dropping. Hines seemed to be free-styling in a syllabic fashion. Enlish called Mr Mackenzie's girl a hooker and said that you could catch STD's just from looking at her. He implied that the only way you can have safe sex with her is putting a condom over your entire body. Hines tried to call his challengers fagots. Enlish ended his verse saying Scottish people can't freestyle. Mr Mackenzie then went in rapping for his team and said something about London and seemed to making homo jokes about his two rivals. Silvertongue seemed to have said that Hines probably thinks he could get somewhere by name dropping and called him a gay goblin and said that they are such fagots hat when he kills them they would be asked to be buried in the same coffin. Mr Mackenzie and Silvertongue won this round of the hip hop tournament

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