Saturday, August 14, 2010

DON'T FLOP DOUBLES R1 - Nugget/Jee4ce Vs Chronicle/Flex Digits

Chronicle started the first round of this rap battle talking to Jee4ce telling him that he doesn't wanna buy a caravan and asked Nugget how he caught a plain to Britain. Flex Digits then went in and suggested starting spitting facts and tried to make fat jokes on Jee4ce. Chronicle then got in his face and called him a fag then made fun of his arms and swagger. Flex Digits claimed that in the home origin of his two adversary's you could purchase a gun from a church. Chronicle claimed that he could catch whiplash from the chin fat of Jee4ce and both rappers on this team ended there verse referring to Nugget as a chicken. Nugget started his verse for his team implying that Deffinition got punched and threatened by some one his challengers team. He said something about them not being smart enough to come with written raps. Jee4ce said not to worry and accused his oppositions of being cock suckers. He also called Chronicle and Flex Digits reject rappers. He said Chronicle looks weird and said that Flex Digits looks identical after a nuclear disaster. Nugget ended this round making disrespectful mother comments. Nugget and Jee4ce won this round of the rap cypher in my opinion by a tad bit more not much.

In the second round of the rhyme battle Chronicle started his verse disrespecting Ireland off the rip and wished bad things on Nugget. Flex Digits called his adversary's gypsy's and he said that he was conceived on the same table that he eats his dinner off of. Chronicle said a curse to his mothers name supposedly and finished off his verse during this round of the match up making Catholic jokes. Jee4ce jumped in and began to call himself an honest cunt then compared Chronicle to Forest Gump and claimed this was a mis match and when he gets drunk he likes to bitch slap mongrels. He climed to be Northern Irish. This round of the rap battle is a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of this tag team match Flex Digits hopped in with no hesitation and said the crowd wouldn't feel Jee4ce even if they were to free fell and even made fun of face by saying that his face is malformed and spastic. Chronicle implied that he sexually assaulted Jee4ce's grandmother. Flex Digits then started to rap about his younger days and then he came back to talking smack about Jee4ce. He accused the guy of throwing hand grenades at little kids on Saint Patrick's day, Dam it seemed like they spent most of there round getting on him. The funny thing is Nugget was the one who started rhyming first and then Nugget tried to imply that his challengers had generic punchlines. He compared battling his team to an under taker. Nugget spoke about this event like it was nothing and spit about his rap title as the best in Dublin. Jee4ce dissed Manchester. This round was a tie in my opinion because each team was stronger in different areas.

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