Thursday, August 12, 2010

DON'T FLOP DOUBLES R1 - Sensa/Deffinition Vs Evileyz/Amos

Deffinition started this tag team rap battle and seemed to be calling Evileyz/Amos from a town of gypsies. Sensa then picked up and went seemed to be complimenting Evileyz teeth but he wasn't. Deffinition started getting on Amos trying to imply that he was a Lord Of the Rings character Sensa also got on him. Deffinition ended his verse rapping about slapping mothers in the face and saying to read between the lines then put his middle finger. Evileyz went into rhyme next for there team and told Deffinition that he wasn't Def and Amos jumped in and said everything this man said was understandable to him then he cracked jokes on Sensa told him to stick to pushing grams. He then went back to Deffinition and made a comment about New Castle then proceeded to call him a prick. Evileyz then picked up and tried to imply that he wasn't a good Mc and a dip shit then called there music whack. Amos told told Sensa that his winning streak comes to an ending today and accused Deffinition of being a homo sexual and Amos jumped in and started dissing him with a syllabic flow then brought up his match up with Oshea. This round of the rap battle was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the tag team cypher Sensa went in and accused Evileyz of making whack music and said something about being given a free beat by Harry Love. Deffinition tried to imply that his Amos can call him gay but the fact is that he's the one that's running around topless and said that Evileyz looked sinister. Sensa then began to make fun of the opponents nose trying to say that it's good for snorting cocaine. Deffinition accused Amos of being a travel agent and then Sensa jumped in and accused him of being racist. Evileyz then jumped in and said that where he is from you'll get slapped for having your tongue and accused Sensa of battling his mom and maybe even the kids. Amos then jumped in and talked about how his opponent spent his fathers day. He also accused him of spending half of his day fantasizing about Grind Time then gave a description about the opposing team. Evileyz implied that the opposing team wasn't very Hip-Hop and said Sensa is never cracking a smile because he is a fag in denial. Amos then started to call him desperate so he and mentioned King Of The Dot. Evileyz and Amos ended by calling both of them little bitches and won this round of the cypher in my opinion.

In the third round of the freestyle battle Deffinition said, "when it comes down to battle your the worst tier", and called him more feminant then some girls in the crowd and Irv's beard. Sensa says that Evileyz tells him that he is his is favorite rapper after every single event and accused Amos of looking like he had been hypnotized and the person conducting it forgot to snap there fingers, that was funny. He accused seemed to be accusing Evileyz of having Gypsies for friends and said that he believes in reincarnation then told the crowd to ask him. He tried to say that Amos has a bird face. Evileyz then went in to spit his verse and brought up Chronicle. He got syllabic and tried to imply that could be in Deffinition mind with a joy stick and he wouldn't be surprised. He used stage props throwing a Tampon on the ground. Amos then jumped in and started talking about what Deffinition was naming his album. He said that his opponent is not the definition of Hip Hop and Evileyz jumped in and said he'd knock out Sensa like Apollo. Amos called Deffinition a dick head and claimed that him and his partner were gonna bruise Sensa's undefeated record.

In the fourth round of this cypher Amos went in and started rapping for his team. He seemed to have invited the opposing team to go outside for a fifth round. Evileyz went in and talked about Deffinition's family members then Amos went on to say his definition of Hip Hop wrong thinking it's all about Youtube views. He said that all the viewers wanna see them lose. Amos then began to freestyle to end the round. Sensa started his verse in this round of the hip hop battle comparing self and Amos to a movie. Deffinition said that Evileyz head is like a panoramic screen. Sensa accused Amos of thinking he made chicks impressed because he took his shirt off and called him a pigeon chest. Deffinition even made a comment about the tampon Evileyz pulled out earlier and brought up Disciple at the end. This round of the rap cypher was a tie in my opinion.

Broken Beats Definitive Drum LIbrary from Loopmasters

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