Thursday, August 12, 2010

KOTD - Don Juan vs Nebula

Nebula started the rap battle that was hosted by Bruce B and Ovabyte first and told Don Juan he would make him his bitch in Spanish. He said that his opponent dresses like a girl and tried to accuse him of having a pussy as if he was a trans-gendered man. He said his opposition would stick his finger in his own ass and give himself a Dirty Sanchez and called his music lame. He Also spoke about his adversary's pictures on Facebook and said that he opened up for his crew at show. Don Juan called Nebula a bum that plays a lot of Worlds Of Warcraft. He said that both of his rivals parents are gay then told him that he wasn't dope and accused them of crying on each other beating each other off. He said he was passing right through him like he was captain Kirk and said that he may have messed his first verse up but he was freestyle rapping the rest. Nebula won this first round of the rhyme battle.

In this second round Nebula started spitting his bars and said a few months ago Don Juan thought he was Mr.Untouchable. He said his opponent kept on sending him messages to call the cypher and told him that he couldn't make a decision at all. He called his opponent a pretend gangster and told him he doesn't care about the life he leads. He accused his opponent of listening to Biggy Smalls music to learn how to sell drugs and then said he was getting high off of his own supply. He ended by calling his opposition a fagot and the ugliest chick in the room. Don Juan then went up next to rap and said that he wanted to know why Nebula apologizes when he rhymes. he said even though he is a bitch his pride is the last thing he should swallow. He said that he might be a small guy but his shoes couldn't be filled by his challenger. He definately messed up on his raps and seemed to decided to start freestyle rapping. Nebula won this round of the tournament.

In the third round of this Hip Hop cypher Nebula didn't hesitate Don Juan's partner Reckless and compare them to Disney characters. He asked him if he gets nurtured by him and accused him of participating in glory holes. He tried to say that his adversary can't even lip sink right. He accused his rival of spraying the crowd then running like a coward and supposedly looted his oppositions camera. He told his opponent that he wasn't as dope as Fredo and told the judges not to vote for Pedro. Don Juan went up to rhyme next and said in the King Of The Dot he saw a hell of a scene with Nebula and Hollohan twitching at a urinal. He called himself a good spic because he doesn't steal he robs and mentioned Calgary. He seemed to have forgotten his verse for this round too and started to freestyle rap again and said that when he beat Cody The Catch he did what he wanted to do and crushed his soul and said that he lied in a few of his bars and confronted the rhumors. He called his rival a dummy and seemed to have forfeited the match. Nebula won this round of the rhyme tournament.

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