Wednesday, August 11, 2010


K.I.D started the first round of this battle of lyrics he called seemed to be trying to call QUA'LOO gassed up and seemed to be trying to call his face ass cheeks. He said that he would bitch smack his opponent or get a chick to slap him. I sensed a little bit of improvising and freestyle rapping when he spit about going into his adversary's wallet. He bragged about what he had and tried to imply that his adversary has nothing. He even said that he could get a girl to kill him. QUA'LOO went up to rhyme next and said he didn't mean to startle K.I.D and said he was a man with clips that would barber him. He said he would burn his challengers strip and implied that if he loses that he'd be fighting with him. He called his rival a pussy and brought up Skip Jones. He spit about selling drugs and things of that nature. He threatened to get his opponent killed. This round of the cypher was a tie in my opinion.

In the second round of the rap tournament K.I.D started off by saying he doesn't write on the walls despite his name. He called QUA'LOO a snake that wouldn't shoot a gun and called him son. He said that he was getting money on Sundays while his adversary was getting ding dong money. He seemed to be calling some body out in the crowd while pointing. His 90 minutes were supposedly over but I thought it was shorter. QUA'LOO went up to rhyme next and said he would get K.I.D shot up for very little change. He said he made his challenger dip and dash from this place four months ago and said he isn't cool to him he's a ho to him. He claimed to be made in the streets while his opponent was made of of Jodeci. He bragged that he had guns on him and said if his adversary had weed he would roll it up. At the end of this round he was freestyle spitting and seemed to be trying to come up with things to say. This round of the rap cypher was also a tie in my opinion.

In the third round of the rhyme battle K.I.D started to spit and said he wouldn't play around with QUA'LOO and since he is the kid he'd take it to he playground on him. He said that he had monkey bars and said the person he was suppose to go up against is a bitch. He said that he couldn't find his adversary when he looked him up on google and said he was gonna beat his ass when he heard some songs that his opponent made and told him to make his own come up. He described thoroughly he would mutilate his opponent. He claimed that his opponents mothers name is Rachel and gets it in the facial. He said something about his adversary trying to shake his hand and he said get off his dick. QUA'LOO started to put rhymes together next dis honoring K.I.D click and said rapping about money ave can really get him hurt. He said that his flow was nasty and said that he could get his challenger missing for weeks. He said he would take his oppositions cake and won't give him as much as a crumb. He said that his adversary knows who is the nicest and seemed to be spelling the words from a tattoo on his arm. He compared himself to the weather patterns of thunder and lightning. He mentioned getting somebody trashed while they are in school at the end of this rap battle. In my opinion this match up was a tie.

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