Wednesday, August 11, 2010


J-DUBB started the rhyme batttle claiming that he was hungry and compared DUBB SANTORA to Mexican food. He basically swore up and down that his opponent wasn't ready to cypher with him and said that somebody should have warned him. he had a pretty decent rap flow. His punchlines were straight and he stayed consistent during his rap verse. DUBB SANTORA went in to spit soon after rapping about grimy gutter thing such as snatching J-DUBB's chain off and said his gun aim is off. The crowd distracted him from rhyming when he jumped back in he seemed to be freestyle spitting but he wasn't saying anything spectacular. He just spit about kicking his challengers ass. He kept on repeating himself and brought it to a point where it wasn't Hip-Hop any more he was just a hype man getting the crowd energized. In my opinion J-DUBB won this round of the cypher.

In the second round of the rap tournament J-DUBB said something about DUBB SANTORA being locked up for a minute and said something about braiding peoples hair straight back almost like he was trying to call him a queer. He claimed that his home boys shoot shots and said that when he's finished with him they would need to revive him with a shock machine. It seemed like he was comparing him self to Edwards Scissor hand. DUBB SANTORA went up to spit next and said he has felonies and made a whole bunch of metaphors about beating his rivals ass. He called his challenger a snack aka variety pack and said described his weapons. The best thing about him spitting in this verse was his delivery and his rhymes were good enough to win it. He talked about when he gets hungry and he talked crap about his opponents girl. DUBB SANTORA won this round of the rap cypher.

In the third round of the rhyme battle J-DUBB claimed to be the hottest and DUBB SANTORA is a rookie that's garbage. He said that what his opponent was gonna get into was way beyond farting. He said that he would put his adversary in the deep freezer and compared his rival to Chris Tucker. He said he wouldn't put his rival on his songs or use him for a cameo and tried to call his cd whack then referred to throwing it out the window. He compared adversary to a Big Mac and talked about Cincinnati riding. DUBB SANTORA seemed to be stepping his bars up this round. He said he would run up on J-DUBB dressed like Abraham Lincoln and came back with those gritty punchlines. He said he be praying for forgiveness because he would hurt someone over there money. He compared himself to a hypothesis and I got to admit his verse was live. He seemed to be freestyle rapping and he killed this cypher. DUBB SANTORA won this round of the rap tournament.

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