Wednesday, August 11, 2010

KOTD - L Rev vs Street

Street started the rap battle first and said he thought L Rev was a Native american at first then he found out he was Spanish. He said that his adversary looks like an Avatar creature. He accused his rival of participating in homo sexual acts. He also told his opposition that he looks like an ostrich and a Street Fighter character. He called him a mutant that isn't even human. He said he doubts he would lose to his rival and told him to put his money where his mouth is. L Rev said that when he spits people say that his verses are tight. He said that no body likes what his Street writes and said that his girlfriend is close to turning into a dike because he can't screw her right. He said that his challenger only has sex with men and hairy groupies and compared him to Greg from Scary Movie. He also implied that his opponent is almost thirty and he would never make it in rap supposedly. He called his adversary Amy Winehouse's identical twin He accused his opponent of staring at sweaty men at the gym instead of rehearsing his bars for the battle. I think this round of the match up was a tie.

In the second round of the cypher Street compared this rap battle to a boxing match and didn't hesitate to make race jokes. He accused L Rev of rapping like a nerd and being an alien. He called himself the rap bandit and compared his opponents breath to Britney Spears. He tried to imply that his rival was pissing his pants and claimed to be making fun of fags for sixteen years. He accused his adversary of trying to put up peso's to battle. L Rev went in to this second round of the punchline tournament claiming that Street's girl has a thing for him. He tried to imply that his challenger isn't very smart and said that he must have been an ugly baby. He seemed to be telling his opposition never to have kids as well and he also spit about how he could win using metaphors and simile's. He said that this was the biggest massacre and compared his rival to Joe Dirt. This round of the hip hop battle was a tie.

In the third round of the lyrical match up Street started out getting at L Rev with syllabics and accused him of eating guacamole. He called his adversary a wannabe and said that he reminds him of the lion from The Wizard of Oz. He accused his opponent of having a small penis size and a horrible sex life. He called his opponent a Mexican and asked if they found him standing next to Home Depot. He compared himself to Kobe and said that he can't look in the mans face claiming he is too ugly. L Rev started out getting at Street saying that he wanted to try to freestyle battle and said that he won the in matches to back when they supposedly only let good rappers in KOTD (King Of The Dot). He said that his opponent can't make the crowd feel him. he tried to imply that his challengers girl is a transsexual. He accused his opponent of prostituting his body for crystal meth and said that he get messed with in the hood. He focused on calling his opponents mother a slut and wished that his house would catch on fire and killed his family.

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