Tuesday, August 10, 2010

KOTD - Bender vs Miracle

Bender started the rap cypher claiming that Miracle's mother called him over to bend her over but he wasn't drunk enough to have sex with her. He called his opponent a weak version of Quake and said he tries to lure teen girls to his place. He said that his adversary should have left when he heard him start to rhyme. He said that while he himself was working on his bars his rival was working on a broccoli farm. He had some homo insults as well and seemed to be implying he would punch him in the face towards the end. Miracle went in to rap soon after and asked why he was battling people with chin fat and need slim fast. I could tell by his first metaphor about whales and sharks that his verse was gonna be good and interesting and he had a syllabic rhyme delivery as well as an all around thorough performance. His aim seemed to be on making fat jokes about Bender and he claimed to be a microphone fiend. He made it clear that he would never bu a ticket to one of his oppositions shows. Miracle compared his skills to ant poop for his last bar. In my opinion this round of the rhyme battle was a tie.

In the second round of this lyrical match up Bender said all the noise in the background of his last cypher was annoying. He said his brain storm is a massive category 8 and basically was trying to say that when he lays down a verse his presence is felt then implied if he gives him another hard punchline like his last they might have to stop this whole thing because he meant business. He told a story that ended in him saying he'd snipe the judge at his court date and compared his Miracle's face to a cat fish. Bender bragged about how he polishes his lines and he claimed to have psychopathic urges. He told a story that included Hollohan towards the end of his 90 minute verse and called his last girl a hood rat. Miracle started spitting his bars during this rhyme battle and called Bender the boldest. He compared his hygiene to fried bologna and made more fat jokes about him. He compared his opponent to Monique from The Parkers. He said if his challenger was black he'd be fat man scoop and called him a cartoon character. He was real syllabic about describing his opponent needing to lose weight. This round of the Hip-Hop cypher was a tie.

In the third round of the cypher Bender went in to rap and took credit for Miracle's girl being tired. He then claimed that his opponents O.G. did a personal service announcement for crime stoppers. He implied that his rival should deep throat Organik for letting him come to King Of The Dot. He proceeded to make more mother jokes on his adversary. He then started to get syllabic and described himself pretty good I must say. He said that his opponent would catch a rape charge if you left him at a gay bar and seen him with an Onyx T-shirt then claimed that he got uncomfortable when he mentioned sticky fingers. Miracle went up to rhyme next and semmed to be focusing on fat jokes some more. He compared himself to Will Smith and Bender to Phil from Fresh Prince. He said that Organik thought the only way his opponent would win is he gets ripped off like Janet Jackson's top. He tried to call himself a champion but damn he had a quick slip up. He said if he can't take his challenger's spot it's because he can't operate a forklift. Miracle ended by telling his adversary to spell that he lost in his alphabet soup. Bender won this round of the rhyme cypher because of consistency.



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  2. Terrible. You have successfully paraphrased an amazing battle into a boring heap of shit.


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